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Hogan DecimEater Silencer

Hogan DecimEater Silencer

When Jim Hogan’ “Logun” silencer hit the market a few year’s back it was immediately praised for being one of the most efficient and well built for air rifle use, so I already had high expectations of the DecimEater Silencer when it was announced.


The DecimEater Silencer (cool name by the way) measures 7 1/8” long X 1 ¼” in diameter and is constructed using T606 Billet Aluminium. The outer casing is also aluminium with the 3 high efficiency void set up (baffles) having extra sound proofing being externally wrapped in strips of felting.

Now as anybody who’s familiar with air rifle silencers will know, the use of baffles and outer felt lining is a traditional construction, so there’s nothing special concerning that. However, it’s how the baffles are designed, sized and positioned together within the silencer casing that determines how effective a silencer actually is.

The DecimEater claims to be ‘easily stripped for cleaning’ but in my opinion for air rifle use this isn’t needed. Personally if you’re unsure about reassembling correctly I always advice airgunners to leave well alone, so as not to effect the harmonic balance that enables the silencer to work to optimum performance.

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I was amazed at just how light in weight the DecimEater is. In fact it seems as light as some carbon fibre designs, even though strong alloys are used in construction. The silencer comes with a standard female ½” UNF thread, so after initial inspection I was able to try it on several ½” UNF threaded air rifles.


Now we come to the all-important feature of the silencer, how does it perform? For sound reduction this really does live up to its name, as it’s one of the quietest silencers on the market and I’m sure I’ve pretty much tried them all. Considering the price that’s quite staggering - and we can also be proud to say its 100% manufactured in England.

Even though at present the silencer is only available in a high gloss black finish (get the camo tape out) I hope it’s soon released in matt black. In my opinion the Hogun DecimEater Silencer is not only very well engineered and stylish, but also one of the most effective cans for air rifle use. I highly recommend it.

The Hogun DecimEater Silencer costs £39.

Incidentally, I hear that the company are already working on a proofed version in a slightly different design for .22LR rimfire use. so that’s going to be interesting.

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    I’m looking to buy a Hogan Decimeater Silencer for my 2250 Ratcatcher can you help me please

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  • The Hogan Decimeater.
    one of the Best sound moderators on the market and can be stripped for cleaning it is a five star bit of kit.

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    10 Jul 2019 at 02:38 PM
  • I’m looking for moderator for my weirhachieve hw97 .22

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    John Clixby
    13 Apr 2017 at 07:49 PM
  • Sorry Makak, we test and review guns and shooting equipment, we don't sell anything directly. Where abouts are you?

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    Troll Hunter
    28 Jun 2015 at 03:33 AM
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    I am looking for silencer models we have a big project of silencer

    Would you send me the catalogs of silencer models with quotation

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    malak Alsulaiman
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