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Jager Sporting Arms 17/22 Switch Rimfire Moderator

Jager Sporting Arms 17/22 Switch Rimfire Moderator

James Clarke (Jager Sporting Arms) has just launched two new moderators – a centrefire and a rimfire, I have both but it’s the latter that’s up first this month. It’s a reflex (over-barrel) design and to my knowledge is only the third of its type in the UK, the others being Wildcat’s Growler and 17Whisper.

What makes the 17/22 Switch a little different and gives it its name is the fact it can be easily converted to handle both 17HMR or 22 Long Rifle. Made from hard anodized 7075 aircraft grade aluminium and 30-series stainless steel, the build quality and materials are not in question. Stainless is used in critical areas with an insert in the first baffle, which takes the brunt of the hot gasses and another for the thread. Like a grown up reflex the Switch has a synthetic rear bushing that aids barrel stability, this is supplied with a small hole that needs to be bored out to your barrel’s O/D.

We Reckon:
• For: Well made, versatile and effective
• Against: Not a lot
• Verdict: Worth serious consideration


The build is in three pieces - outer tube, expansion chamber insert, with bushing and thread and baffle stack. The unit is fully strippable and a 3-pin spanner is supplied for the purpose. The spec is 6 x 1 7/16” with the standard 1/2x20” UNF thread and when fitted to my 20” Ruger M77/17 All-Weather extends the overall barrel length to 23 ½”. As a comparison an SAK, muzzle-mounted moddy is 5 11/16” long and comes out at 25” fitted.

The baffle stack consists of five, thick baffles with a flat, V-shape the first one incorporating the stainless insert. Behind this is a large chamber that’s about 1” deep. The expansion chamber insert goes in from the rear and is quite thick; space for the expanding gases is accommodated by eight, longitudinal flutes. Overall this is a well built and presented design.

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Interestingly Dull

As a control I used an SAK, which as a can for 17HMR I rate as it’s an efficient and cost-effective design. Using the 17-grain load as that is the fastest, I fired about 20-rounds through just to get it a bit dirty then started listening. I reckon that the Switch is marginally quieter than the SAK, as to my Mk1 ear there appeared to be less top end crack with a duller, overall signature. Add in the shorter, outboard length and mechanically the 17/22 Switch appears a good bet.

To be honest the subject of 17HMR moderation is a bit of a fuzzy area, as my experience has shown that there is not a lot in it between a £30 or a £130 design. However, areas like build quality, design and the ability to strip do. On that point the unique aspect of the 17/22 is the fact you can simply remove the baffle stack and drop in a 22 unit, so although sitting in the upper/middle bracket on price, you effectively have two calibre/dedicated reflex cans for little more than the price of one.

22 Across the Board

With 22 sub-sonics the 17/22 was as efficient as any other; hardly surprising given how effective this calibre is. Unsurprisingly the build is strong enough to handle 22 high velocity and also Magnum. You just have to remember what insert you have in given the rifle you are using, you know how it is; brain fade can and does happen…

James told me the Switch does not fit larger diameter barrels; I discovered this for myself as it would not go on to a Savage BTVS, which has a 0.89” O/D. However, he can supply an adaptor to make the design muzzle-mounted, should you wish…

I have to say overall I was more than a little impressed by the 17/22 Switch. Well built from quality components and with slightly better sound moderation than the benchmark SAK and an innovative and practical design. I know what’s going up front on my rimfires now!

£95 Combo (inc 17 and 22 baffle units)
£85 Switch (single calibre)
£35 single calibre insert

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  • Jager Sporting Arms 17/22 Switch Rimfire Moderator - image {image:count}

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  • Jager Sporting Arms 17/22 Switch Rimfire Moderator - image {image:count}

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  • Jager Sporting Arms 17/22 Switch Rimfire Moderator - image {image:count}

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    Default profile image
    Arvind kumar
    31 Jan 2019 at 08:29 AM
  • What a shame this product appears to be no longer available. The quality looked good too.

    I would have liked to have one of these 'reflex' type sound moderators to avoid having to get a barrel cut. Does anybody else make an over the barrel model for rimfires.

    Default profile image
    Mark Bennett
    29 Mar 2015 at 11:36 AM
  • I beleive that Jaeger no longer makes this model.

    Default profile image
    PC moore
    21 Dec 2012 at 09:42 AM
  • Hi, can anyone please tell me of a dealer who would sell me and post to New Zealand a Jaeger 17/22 for .22 caliber only over barrel moderator or any other over barrel type. All I can buy here is end of barrel moderators and these to me are to easy to upset with any sort of a bump.

    Default profile image
    cliff saunders
    21 Dec 2012 at 03:33 AM
  • i have a anschutz 1417 22lr. will this moderator fit?? cant find out how much it sleeves over :s cheers

    Default profile image
    28 Jan 2012 at 03:05 PM
  • We have no idea, but we have also heard that Jaeger are no longer making the 17/22 Switch...

    Default profile image
    peter moore
    28 Oct 2010 at 10:11 AM
  • Are these legal in the U.S?

    Default profile image
    27 Oct 2010 at 11:44 PM