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Swift Stumpy Silencer

Swift Stumpy Silencer

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Silencers can be a source of great satisfaction, especially when fitted to a modern pre-charged pneumatic airgun. The firing cycle of the PCP sees highly compressed air rapidly expand as it leaves the barrel, and this can cause a considerable muzzle crack, especially from a short barrel, causing irritation to neighbours when shooting in a confined space, or spooking quarry in a field scenario. Fit a silencer, and the combination of an expansion chamber and baffles can dramatically reduce the gun’s report, which can in turn, improve the chance of a successful trip.

The Swift Stumpy Silencer is precision made in the UK from aluminium, and is particularly neat, since its modular design allows the shooter to add or remove the central section. The silencer splits into three separate sections, and the middle section can be unscrewed and then left out, reducing the length of the silencer by 22mm. The fact that the silencer can be dismantled in this way also allows for cleaning further down the line, and whilst functionality is inevitably slightly reduced when the silencer is shortened, the versatility adds another whole dimension. As hinted, these silencers feature a series of baffles and chambers, and the end-result is an effective can that really does its job.

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  • Name: Swift Stumpy Silencer
  • RRP: £55
  • Length: 5.4-inches/138mm
  • Weight: 4.25oz
  • Contact: Range Right Ltd: range-right.co.uk