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Umarex K3 Moderator

Umarex K3 Moderator

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Walther have made a huge impact with many of their air rifles, including the spring powered LGV/LGU range and more recently with the Walther Reign Bullpup. However, it’s the PCP Rotex RM8 family that are the mainstay of their range and include a wood stock model, a synthetic ‘Varmint’ and the latest addition, the Ultra Carbine. This version comes supplied with the Umarex K3 Neo Sound Moderator, a compact mod that’s recently been added to the company’s product roster as a stand-alone accessory. It is threaded ½” x 20 UNF, making it suitable for a wide variety of sub 12 ft/lbs airguns in either .177 or .22 calibre. It has an all-aluminium construction, measures 140mm in length, with a 32mm diameter and weighs just 151 grams. The outer casing has a matte black anodised finish, minimising shine and therefore reducing the chance of alerting hunted quarry. The sensible dimensions and low weight make it unobtrusive, and also minimises the impact on any rifle’s overall balance. Internally, the main chamber is divided into three by the baffles, while there are also twin vents on the front face to help dissipate air.

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  • Name: The umarex K3 neo sound moderator
  • Price: £39.99
  • Contact: John Rothery www.bisley-uk.com