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Wraith Silencers

Wraith Silencers

Wraith Silencers are a new product supplied by Range Right, and these attractive units are all designed and manufactured in the UK. The customer can tailor their choice to fit the gun too, so the visuals can be subtly harmonized to suit. The main difference is obviously the overall length, with a Standard version available, in addition to the Mini one. The Standard models measure 6 1/8” (155mm), while the Mini measure a fraction over 3.5” (90mm).

Featherweight options

Whether you go for the full-length models or not, one thing is for sure - all the Wraith silencers are well and truly in the super light category. The Standard weighs in at 2.5oz (70-grams) and the Mini comes in at an astonishing 1.9oz (52-grams). So, how is that achieved? Well, for a start, that attractive flecked outer casing is of course made from carbon fibre, a modern medium known for its strength and lack of intrinsic weight. Inside the tube, there’s a synthetic core, configured with a series of ported baffles. In addition to these, there’s a wadding material to kill further output.

Further options come with a choice of either the matte finish, as shown with the Standard length on test, or an attractive gloss as per the Mini. Either can be supplied on either length of body tube, and the only remaining decision to be made is whether you opt for black end caps or silver. Factor in all those options, and that’s eight permutations.


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I don’t possess sound meters, so my test isn’t scientific, but what I can tell you is that with the test models quickly spun into place on a suitable PCP rifle, effectiveness in the basic real-world task of audible noise reduction, could still be gauged quite competently by ear.

As you would expect, the Mini has far less effect on reducing muzzle report, but that said, a short-barrelled PCP, as any enthusiast will know, produces a healthy crack! With the Mini in place, all the obtrusive harsh notes were removed and what was left was far more acceptable. For those of us lucky enough to be able to shoot in the garden, avoiding irritating the neighbours has to be a concern, and this silencer can play its part. Switch to the Standard length unit and the decibels are well and truly muted.


In short, these Wraith moddies feel very well made, look the part and do a fine job of eating the muzzle report. Factor in their incredible lack of weight, plus the choice of specification and they become a no-brainer for a host of scenarios.


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  • Name: Wraith Silencers
  • Standard Length: Gloss or Matte Finish, with Black or Silver End Cap: £59.99
  • Mini Length: Gloss or Matte Finish, with
  • Black or Silver End Cap: £56.99
  • Contact: Range Right - www.range-right.co.uk


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