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Ridgeline Carbon Field Watch

Ridgeline Carbon Field Watch

Time is not always on our side, but being able to keep a track of it is definitely something that we need to do when ‘on task’. Whatever you may be doing, whether it’s staying on time for a plane, or working towards a ‘window of opportunity’, we all need a timepiece that we can rely on, and the Ridgeline Carbon Field watch from First Tactical certainly delivers on that front!

The Ridgeline Carbon Field Watch is the perfect tactical companion: lightweight and durable but sophisticated enough to wear off-duty. Made from a lightweight carbon resin PA and featuring a mediumsized watch face, this watch is a compact timepiece for the field and active professionals. The ultra-durable webbing band is ideal for a multitude of environments and can withstand the stress test of everyday use. The three watch hands are coated in a super-luminova finish, so the watch is easy to read in low light conditions.

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I received the Black/OD model to test, which gives the watch a very subdued look, but here is also a Stainless/ Black version that is probably more useful for wear with a suit or formal wear; both models though are durable and stylish. The bezel, crown and band hardware are all a very nice matt black, which really suits wear with a uniform shirt. The unique carbon body and back feel like really high-quality items, while still remaining lightweight. The First Tactical shield logo is at the 12 o’clock position on the dial, on the crown and at the end of the second hand and warrant a thumbs-up for the brand itself, and the subdued 24-hour numerals complement a dial face that gives everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Wrist action

Last year I had the pleasure of testing the Canyon Compass watch, which although a superb timepiece in its own right, with an absolute plethora of features, I found a bit ‘blocky’ for my personal taste; the Ridgeline, however, sits much closer to the wrist and doesn’t snag on clothing or feel out of place.

I’ve been running the Ridgeline for a little over two months now on a daily basis, and first and foremost it keeps time impeccably, is easy to reset when you move time zones, and feels light and comfortable on the wrist. It’s already taken a few knocks on the range (as all watches will!) and hasn’t missed a beat. Although I own a number of dress watches, the Ridgeline is one of those items that doesn’t draw attention to itself, and yes, it is larger than most non-tactical watches but it’s not obtrusive.

Thus far, I have to say that my experience with the Ridgeline Carbon Field Watch has been very positive, and yet again First Tactical seems to have come up with the answer to a question not even asked. If you’re in the market for a new ‘work’ timepiece, then this is certainly worth a look!

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  • Name: Ridgeline Carbon Field Watch
  • Overall Length: 10.8-inches/275mm
  • Length: 2.0-inches/51mm
  • Width: 1.7-inches/45mm
  • Thickness: 0.5-inches/12.5mm
  • Crystal: Hardened Mineral
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Waterproof to: 50-metres Japanese Movement
  • Price: £159.95
  • Contact: www.firsttactical.co.uk