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Viper Tactical Leg Wallet

Viper Tactical Leg Wallet

Do you ever get into the situation where you need to keep cash, credit cards, ID etc. safe, yet super discreet?  If so, the Viper Tactical Leg Wallet could be for you.

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Made from form-fitting Neoprene, with bound lower edge and sides, the Tactical Leg Wallet gives you one open-topped pocket 10 x 10cm, and one 13 x 14 cm pocket with Velcro closures.

Fitting onto your lower leg with the pockets either against your leg (for extra security) or away from your leg (for ease of access), the concealed leg wallet is less expected than a conventional waist-worn hidden money belt and is discreet, secure and comfortable.

Available in black only and one-size-fits-all, the Viper Tactical Leg Wallet costs around £8.95.

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