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Air Arms Spinner Target

Air Arms Spinner Target

Air Arms obviously make a wide range of quality air rifles and pistols, either pre-charged pneumatics (PCPs) or spring powered; they also make numerous accessories. They don’t do anything by halves and everything that they make is well designed and manufactured; there’s no re-branding of existing products here! I’ve recently been looking at a couple of items from their range, a target and a gun bag – here’s what I thought.

AIr Arms Heavy Duty Spinning Target

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The target comes as a ‘kit’ that needs to be assembled and it really is easy, well, it is if you read the well-written instructions; if you can’t put this item together, you shouldn’t be using an air rifle in the first place!

There are 11 zinc-coated steel parts that need to be assembled but you only need two 10mm spanners to fit it all together. The main part of the unit is shaped like an elongated capital ‘Y’ and the bottom part is twisted for strength and pointed at the end, so that it can be pushed into the ground; the top ‘arms’ are also twisted, with holes drilled in the top. There are three spinners that have to be positioned along a 4½-inch bolt, with steel spacers between them. It’s important to assemble the spinners and spacers in the correct order, otherwise they won’t be able to move correctly; I once saw one of these targets on an air rifle range and people couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t work correctly – they obviously hadn’t read the instructions!

Once everything is assembled correctly, the Nyloc nut is tightened and you’re nearly ready to go, as you need to stick the circular targets on the end of the spinners. The round targets on the end of the bars are smaller on the top and, once either the top or bottom are struck, the weight of the heavier bottom disc resets it. The targets range in size from 12mm to 30mm, so it’s a challenging target to use and the range can be altered to make it more difficult. All in all, a very well-made target.

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  • Name: Air Arms Spinner Target
  • Price: £25.62
  • Contact: Air Arms. air-arms.co.uk