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Anglo Arms Targets

Anglo Arms Targets

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Every airgunner needs a decent target to shoot at and here we have two well-priced offerings from Anglo Arms that will no doubt meet the requirements for most people. Both are constructed of steel and are well-made, which is important if they are to stand up to the abuse that they will no doubt be exposed to. Without a doubt the first target to buy out of the two is the Steel Trumpet Target Holder & Pellet Holder, ideal for practising your grouping and for zeroing your rifle. Measuring in at 10x14x14cm and simple in design, you can mount it on a wall or a post or even rest it on the ground. As it says on the tin, it also catches the pellets and pretty much removes the risk of ricochets, which is always a problem with more rudimentary homemade designs. So there’s no excuse now as this particular one is priced at just £9.99 and even comes with a pack of 10 targets!

Once you have zeroed your rifle and practised your grouping with the trumpet target, the next step is the 4+1 Zombie Magnetic Knockdown Target, designed by Anglo Arms themselves. This target is 50cm wide and 21cm high – a decent size. It offers a new challenge in the form of reactive targets shaped like zombies and skull and crossbones as the resetting target. I have always found reactive targets good fun and can make a refreshing change from chasing the perfect grouping on paper! A target such as this can be used simply for fun or as a good training aid, changing your firing position and distance between shots can be good practice for when out in the field. Priced at £29.99 this target is more expensive but does offer more fun and is well worth considering.

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