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Custom Reactive Airgun targets

Custom Reactive Airgun targets

Spending time honing our shooting is vital if we are to become decent shots and hours spent on the range is always time well spent! There are all sorts of targets available of course, from simple paper or card ‘bullseye’ types to FT-style knock over steel models. A really nice alternative to these types is made by Custom Targets, a family run business based in Yeovil in Somerset. They are made from 3mm thick laser cut hardboard and it’s amazing at how detailed they are and the huge range that is available! The laser that cuts them cuts very clean edges, so the targets are very uniform in appearance. The ones I’ve been using lately are the ‘Fairground 4 Collection’ 30cm wide and 17 cm high and have bottle, rabbit, duck and squirrel targets in the centre, with dots around the outside and under the animals. The total number varies with the type of animal shape but they all have at least 140 things that can be shot at, with a total of 596. You’d need a whole tine of pellets to shoot them all! They can slot onto the target stand (£6.99) or be used propped against a safe backstop. They are usually £3.99 each, so at £14.99 that’s a decent saving.

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The other types are designed to fit steel pellet traps (that the company also sell) and are available for 14cm/5½-inch and 17cm/6½-inch versions. The 5½-inches cost £1.99 each and have 64 shoot out dots and the 6½-inches are £2.20 and have 81 dots.

A great range of affordable reactive targets that won’t break the bank!

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  • Name: Fairground 4 Collection
  • Price: £14.99 Pellet Catcher Reactive Inserts Price: 14cm £1.99 and 17cm £2.20
  • Contact: Custom Targets www.customtargets.co.uk