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Nockover Full Flat Targets

Nockover Full Flat Targets

Fall flat, cord resettable metal targets are now the norm for both FT & HFT competition shooting and, of course, make superb practice aids for the airgun shooter. The standard killzone ‘aperture’ in the front of the target is 40mm, however, in some events, hitting the target is made more demanding as the ‘kill-zone’ is reduced in size to 25mm.

Nockover Targets now produce targets with a 15mm kill area and some with a reducer mechanism that can alter the regular 40mm zone to 25mm, and then to 15mm. All the models in the comprehensive range are manufactured from 3mm zinc-coated steel that’s been laser cut into shape. The body profiles of these targets are bolted to 4 ¾” x 5 ¾” coated steel bases which include a hole at each corner, so that the whole unit can be secured to the ground. Four heavyduty metal ground spikes are supplied, along with a winder/holder containing 50m of orange reset cord.

The workings

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The mechanism that allows the target plate to fall is quite ingenious and over the years the company has developed the working of it to be very reliable. Behind the ‘kill-zone’ (hole), in the front profile plate, is a red colour steel disc. This is at the top of a length of steel connected to the sturdy base and attached to the front/rear of the target by an articulated linkage. Heavy-duty locknuts and washers are used at the attachment points, so they’re secure yet free to articulate. This is so when a pellet flies through the main kill-area and hits the red disc behind, the impact sends it backwards, which in turn ‘knocks’ the front profile of the target backwards to fall-flat, signifying a ‘hit.’ To reset the target to its upright position, you simply pull the cord, which is attached to the front of the profile plate via a heavy-duty swivel and stainless-steel linkage.

At present, the company manufacture a rat and squirrel profile fall-flat target with the 15mm kill area, but also a couple of targets that can have the main 40mm kill-area reduced.

It’s a bird

A very popular model is the ‘Multi-Hole’ Rook, which features a standard 40mm kill-zone hole. A moveable metal plate with a 25mm and 15mm hole drilled through it, is attached to the back of the main plate and can simply be rotated, allowing either ‘aperture’ to be used to reduce the kill-zone accordingly.

The company have a very comprehensive and diverse range of cleverly designed and ingenious targets available, even custom specials can be made to order. I highly recommend you check out their website for all the options.

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  • Name: 15mm ‘Kill-Zone’ Rat and Multihole Rook Fall-Flat Targets
  • Price: £24.60 and £27 respectively
  • Contact: Nockover Targets - www.nockover-targets.co.uk


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