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Clu-Briter Flame CREE LED Spotlight

Clu-Briter Flame CREE LED Spotlight

Coming ‘hot on the heels’ of the relatively recently released Clulite Clu-Briter Sport CREE LED 1000L Rechargeable Spotlight is the suitably and cosmetically selfexplanatory named Flame.

Intrinsically it follows the same design, has the same functions and features of the aforementioned ‘camo clad’ Sport but, due to both being launched without fuss or fanfare, I feel a full detailing of the unit, functions and operation warranted.

Kit bits

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The full kit includes the Lamp, Smart Charger and a ready fitted ‘rechargeable’ 3.7v 3600mAH Li-ion Battery. The charging kit is as the name implies, ‘smart’, as it comprises all the options of standard plug, vehicle lighter socket plus USB ports and also a length of mini-USB to standard USB port cable for use with all. Topside, the Flame measures 1072mm from front to back, while the 60mm diameter reflector lens is housed and protected by a chunky looking black rubber housing. It boasts a IPX4 splash-proof water rating and is fully shockproof. From the top of the unit to the base of the grip it stands as tall as it is long (1072mm) and weighs 550g, making this a very lightweight, compact and highly portable spotter.

Get a grip

A feature of particular note, due to it adding so much to the unit’s overall ease of use, is the very ergonomic pistol grip, which has well-configured finger ridging on the forward face, while the upper rear side curves inwards, allowing your thumb to snugly wrap around, affording a secure hold. Positioned ideally for the trigger finger to fall onto is the very positive on/off switch. This generously sized and broad operational ‘button’ is made from a semi-hard rubber compound, that operates very positively, plus it is silent in use.


The mode lever is on the left of the body casing, sited above and slightly to the rear of the main trigger switch; ideally positioned (if right-handed) for operating with the thumb of the hand holding the lamp. This makes access to the 3-modes of full beam, low & strobe a very quick and easy affair. Run time is given as 3-hours for full and strobe; 15-hours for low beam and in use I found these to be quite conservative, as the Flame will easily last for an average lamping session. The focused white beam also has a 700m spotting range, again, more than enough for the most harsh and dense terrain. There’s an integral lanyard and for the times quarry is twitchy, or has wised up to a white beam, red, amber, green and blue filters are available separately.


To sum up, I’d say this: the Clulite Clu-Briter Flame CREE LED 1000L Rechargeable Spotlight is a very powerful, versatile, compact and easy to operate high power handheld spotter.

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  • Name: Clulite Clu-Briter Flame CREE LED 1000L Rechargeable Spotlight
  • Price: £118.20
  • Optional Extras: Filters of red, amber, green or blue £12 each
  • Contact: Cluson Engineering Limited. cluson.co.uk