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Fenix PD25R Mini Rechargeable LED Torch

Fenix PD25R Mini Rechargeable LED Torch

Fenix has brought us many different types and sizes of handheld torches since being introduced into the UK, and they continually impress with the quality and design of their wares. The latest from the company is the extremely compact, Fenix PD25R mini rechargeable LED torch. It gives the user a big light output and some impressive features. These include 5-lighting levels ranging from 5 - 800Lumens, with the 800Lumen Turbo Mode offering an impressive 250m beam from the Luminus SST20 LED.

Size matters

Measuring 92 x 24 x 24mm (Length/Head Diameter/ Body Diameter) and weighing 78-grams including battery, the PD25R uses a toughened, ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating, plus a smooth aluminium reflector.

The torch is manufactured from A6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium, with a premium, type III hard-anodized antiabrasive finish. It has an IP68, 2m depth waterproof rating and a 1.5m drop resistance rating, plus it is also dustproof.

Battery included

The supplied Fenix ARBL16- 700P high current 16340 battery ( a single CR123 non-rechargeable battery can also be used), is charged via a USB-C socket in the neck of the light. This is protected from dirt, grime and water ingress by a cleverly designed, ridged aluminium screw cover. A charging cable is included for use with your mobile phone charger or similar.

Dual switch operation

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The torch features dual switch operation. The rubberised tail switch controls the light and offers momentary/constant-on, click operation. A separate side switch controls the mode (with mode memory).

The button has a built-in LED that indicates charging and remaining charge status. You can also lock out the torch to prevent accidental activation. This is done by unscrewing the tail cap half a turn. The PD25R also features a bi-directional, removable pocket clip for multiple carry options.

In the long run

Power, run times and reach are as follows: Turbo - 800Lumens (44min total including step downs), 250m beam. High - 350Lumens (1hr 30min total), 164m beam. Mid - 150Lumens (2hrs 50min constant output), 107m beam. Low - 30Lumens (16hrs constant output), 48m beam. Eco - 5Lumens (70hrs constant output), 19m beam. Strobe - 800Lumens.


To operate it, you halfpress the tail switch to momentarily switch on the light, then release it to switch it off. Fully press the tail switch (click) to switch on the light constantly, followed by a full press to switch it off again. With the torch switched on, tap the side switch to cycle through the brightness levels. The in-built mode memory will remember your brightness level when the torch is switched off. With the torch switched on, hold down the side switch to enter strobe mode and when required, press the side switch again to exit.


The Fenix PD25R is powerful, rechargeable, compact and well-priced. Not only will it be useful out in the field, but the home as well. As expected, the build quality is superb and the design makes this lightweight torch ideal as a duty light and for a host of emergency lighting situations.

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  • Name: Fenix PD25R Mini Rechargeable LED Torch
  • Price: £64.95
  • Contact: The Photon Shop - www.myfenix.co.uk