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Stack-On Gunsafes

You have your new rifle that cost over a grand, you top it off with the latest high end scope that probably cost twice as much, then you have a sound moderator and you put it all in a £200 safe! Why? When it comes to firearms safety it is not just about securing your weapons from undesirables but also from younger family members and heaven forbid a fire.

If you think about it logically a fire proof safe, even if it cost £750-£1000 is a whole lot of peace of mind and even the upgraded non fire models from some companies are far superior to the usual fare.


Stack-On safes are imported by Shooting Safes, run by Alastair and Catherine. They have been in the business a long time now and I have always been impressed with their service and range of products.

I am looking at a new SS16E model here which is the non fire-resistant version which offers a far higher degree of security than many other safes due to its overall design and construction. It’s 140 cm high, 53 cm wide and 51cm deep and will accommodate up to 16 rifles or shotguns up to 54” long. But of course you can also use it for laptops, jewellery etc.

It weighs 83kg whilst the fire-resistant model (FS-14-MB-E) is slightly smaller and holds 14-guns but weighs 139 kg due to the heavy internal fire retardant material. It can resist a temperature of 1400° for 30 minutes.

The SS16E on test is far easier to manoeuvre into place but needs two people realistically, which is reassuring heavy with regards to security.


Models offer the option of either a combination or digital lock. The former uses a three digit code whilst the latter a key press code system that can be programmed by the user after installation. The lock face can be removed to view the battery compartment that takes a 9-volt cell. There is a visual display that blinks red when the power is low so don’t worry. Regardless, the safe is supplied with two, over-ride, 8-lever, double-bitted keys that can be used in emergencies to open it. The Combination lock has no additional keys so don’t forget the numbers!

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Initially there is a master code to the digital lock but it is easy to reprogram to your own number by holding in a small red button on the inner side of the door, following the instructions and a new number can be programmed in. Handy if you need to change the number any time if you think an undesirable has learnt it. The Electronic lock includes operational lights for open, low battery warning and incorrect entry. There is a time out period after three incorrect attempts.


The construction uses 2.5mm rolled and welded steel for a neat, seamless finish and better security. The fire-proof model feels more substantial due to the extra inner packing of fire retardant material. The door sits in a recessed panel which has a curled lip so the door frame protrudes an inch over this so trying to jemmy it is very difficult. The actual door locks consist of a steel dead lock; one inch diameter bolts that recess behind the safes inner body.

Two are static on the hinge side so lock as the door is closed whilst the other three bolts that lock into the non hinge side really make for a secure door facia. A drill resistant hardened steel plate is located behind the lock for even greater security.


The interior of the safe is carpet lined on a heavy board backing and the door has two useful trays for items like moderators, scopes, or jewellery etc. They can be removed if necessary. There are sturdy hooks for hanging items like calls or hats and a slot behind the trays is perfect for storing maps, manuals, licenses or other documents. There is a single half depth removable shelf and each safe comes with plastic gun holders of which a number are extra deep to accommodate scoped rifles.

The exterior surface has a black epoxy paint finish with silver accents on the door. The Stack-On has a nice open feel to it as some safes or other models come with a central divider to stack the guns on but the SS16-E allows movement within the storage area so you do not knock guns against each other so no damaged prized walnut stocks. It comes with a decent fitting kit that includes bolts and rawl-plugs too.


You can’t put too high a price on security these days and knowing your favourite kit is safe in a Stack-On safe is very reassuring. Also the price is very good, as the SS16E will take 16 guns easily, which would probably require between three or four smaller and certainly more basic gun safes; you work it out!

Shooting Safes are regular exhibitors at the shooting shows and its well worth a look at their products to discuss exactly what model is best for. I have been very pleased with their products over the years and there is a model in the range to suit any one. If you look on the website there are plenty of other options, wood clad options and fingerprint scan opening to name just a few, highly recommended and great people to do business with.

CONTACT: Shooting Safes, 01234 376356 SHOOTINGSAFE.CO.UK.
PRICES: SS16E £650 (non fire proof), FS-14-MB-E £850 (fire proof)

FOR: Top quality build and features
AGAINST: Not a lot
VERDICT: They seem expensive but what price proper security?

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