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Napier Ricochet Shooting Glasses

Napier Ricochet Shooting Glasses

Our eyes are a very important asset, so when shooting discipline or conditions dictate, it’s wise to wear a pair of quality shooting glasses for protection against ricochets. Step forward the SR’s from Napier which are the latest in competitive shooting sports protection that the company offer.

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Designed by shooters, the SR allows for a full 180-degree field of view maximising performance and comfort. Complete with five interchangeable lenses to suit all lighting conditions, the new Napier SR lens is optically correct and made from the highest quality polycarbonate to offer unrivalled protection. The glasses’ ergonomic lightweight frame and lenses come in a zip fasten tough EVA black component case. The contents of which are 1x CR39 Performance Frame, 5x Polycarbonate different coloured interchangeable lenses and a cleaning cloth.

The colours suit specific conditions and these and their intended usage is as follows:

  • Grey: Good for high light level conditions they reduce eye fatigue, provide true colour perception and minimises glare.
  • Vermillion: Ideal for low lighting and enhancing orange clays. This lens improves visual depth, reduces eye strain, enhances visibility and offers the greatest amount of contrast.
  • Sodium: Ideal for fog, haze and extreme weather conditions this lens filters out blue light.
  • Bronze: Good for general use and everyday conditions, this lens enhances contrast and contains a red element to improve depth perception.
  • Lilac: Good for low light levels and impact protection without colour change.
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  • Name: Napier SR Ricochet Shooting Glasses
  • Price : SRP £119.65
  • Contact: Napier of London napieruk.com