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10 Top Star Wars Weapons

  • A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away there were some extreme and different choices for personal weaponry, we have collected the top 10 for this countdown to the new Star Wars film.

    A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away there were some extreme and different choices for personal weaponry, we have collected the top 10 for this countdown to the new Star Wars film.

    10 – Fusion Cutter The handheld cutting torch known as the Fushioncutter was also used through the galaxy and consisted of a handgrip and a long emitter, producing a high-energy plasma beam that could slice through practically anything, making it very dangerous!

  • 9 – Wrist Rockets Since they’re light wristbands with a powerful punch, Wrist Rockets are a favorite weapon choice for bounty hunters like Boba Fett.

  • 8 – Flame Thrower (aka Flame Projector) As a weapon that projects a burning stream of liquid or gas when fired, the flamethrower was a weapon commonly used during the Clone Wars, given how useful they were in close-quarters combat.

  • 7 – Missile Launchers These Missile Launchers were used in various types of combat and by many types of military forces. These would totally eradicate large numbers infantrymen.

  • 6 – Ryyke Blades A Wookiee-based weapon, the Ryyk Blades may look like simple swords, but they could still do some serious damage by a giant Wookiee.

  • 5 – Fletchette Launcher The Flechette Launcher was used during the last half of the Clone Wars and fires canisters containing hundreds of sharp flechettes (darts that would spread out over a large areas). A single canister of these anti-personal weapons could take out an entire squad of soldiers!

  • 4 – Force Pike (aka Stun Pole) A Force Pike was a commonly used weapon used throughout the galaxy. It features a tip that was a “vibro-edged stun module” that could really knock you out…even a full-grown Wookiee. It looks harmless, but it definitely packs some serious stun power!

  • 3 – Bowcaster (aka the Wookiee Crossbow) Seems that the Wookiees had some pretty badass weapons in the form of Bowcasters, which packed some serious firepower! The weapon could unleash a bolt with some pretty amazing stopping power, which was essential for the Wookiees as the protected themselves against other predators of the Kashyyyk’s forests.

  • 2 – Blaster In the vast world of Star Wars, a Blaster was our equivalent to a gun, but instead of shooting bullets, it fired bursts of particle beam energy, aka blaster bolts. It featured a replaceable power pack and was the most commonly used weapon in the galaxy, so everybody was packing one. Since it contained high-energy particles and intense light, targets would be paralyzed or even killed by such a gun. And like guns today, they came in various sizes shapes and forms, from rifles to starship-mounted cannons.

  • 1 – Lightsabre In Star Wars, Lightsabers are the ultimate weapons. As the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight, not everybody can master one, but when a Jedi finally learns the secret of the Force and learns to work his/her lightsaber, all hell can break lose! The very image of such a weapon was bounded with the mythos of the Jedi Order, so you definitely don’t want to mess with anyone who has one of these.


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