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4 Different Guns for Christmas

  • 1. Fancy a CO2 powered semi auto air gun? Well Highland Outdoors are bringing in the Sig MCX and the MPX. Two tactical air guns that use a patented 30 round Roto belt mag. Sounds like serious fun to me! Available in .22 and .177, priced from £261.99 up to £390.99.

  • 2. Sometimes two shots just isn’t enough, so why not check out the Akkar Triple Crown 320 Shotgun..........yes that’s right, it has three barrels. I really really really want to have a go with one! Edgar Brothers are bringing them in and they have been appearing in shops with a price tag of around £1500.

  • 3. Bullpup air guns have had a surge in popularity recently and the one that has caught my eye is the FX Wildcat. Just 26” in length, shot count of around 200-250 shots in .22 and excellent ergonomics. It is very reasonably priced as well at around £899. You may have to look hard though, they are flying of the shelves!

  • 4. One of my favourite new guns on the UK market, the POF ReVolt Light. An AR platform built from the ground up to be a straight pull rifle. The light is chambered in 5.56/.223 and there is also a Heavy version chambered in .308. Worried about hard extraction? Don't be. The ReVolt worked flawlessly! Priced from £2495 to £2995 and available from Suffolk Rifle.