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  • 1. The GSG 1911 .22LR long barrelled pistol was well received when it came onto the scene. It offered good performance and very affordable fun at around £549. When we tested it we got through hundreds of rounds without a stoppage with all sorts of ammo. So reliable too!

  • 2. The Lightning Grip Loader.......one of my absolutely favourite products! I shoot a S&W M&P 15-22 and the lighting grip has made it even more fun. I can now bomb up all my mags with minimal effort and in less than half the time. Be aware.......your ammunition consumption will increase dramatically!!

  • 3. The FX Boss was a very impressive piece of kit and came with some impressive figures to boot! Firing a .30 cal, 46.3 gr pellet at 853fps......... thats around 75 ft/lbs of energy! With figures like that you can normally expect a very low shot count. The FX Boss gives you 40+! More than enough for any hunting trip.

  • 4. MagnetoSpeed Chronographs have been around for a little while but have been upgraded and updated since first appearing. They are extremely popular because they offer some unique advantages. Firstly they attach to the muzzle of the rifle like a bayonet, meaning a lot less hassle when setting up compared some some of the other chronographs on the market! Secondly they use magnets to detect and calculate the velocity which means that bright light, clouds or no light wont affect the Magnetospeeds ability to function accurately. Finally you are a lot less likely to accidentally shoot it!

  • 5. The FX Wildcat PCP has been selling out everywhere since it came onto the market. A well designed bullpup air rifle offering excellent performance and great handling. The cherry on the cake is its price........around £899. 8 shot magazine, 200-250 shot count, and a length of just 26 inches.