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5 Top AR15 Multi Tools

  • 1. The Real Avid Gun Tool Ruger Edition The Real Avid Gun Tool Ruger edition has 18 functions and looks like a large penknife – disassembly pin, choke key (10 down to 28 bore and a driver for a Ruger M77 stock screw), knife blade and large flat blade screwdriver in a Swiss Army non-locking pivot point layout. It also has the Torx and Allen keys on a swing-out system. The other side has a lid over a four compartment section holding 3/16 inch bits which fit in a magnetic holder on the end of the tool.

  • 2. The Gerber eFECT (Field Expedient Cleaning Tool) The eFECT was created for the distinct purpose of cleaning and maintaining an AR15/M16/M4 variant firearm. Developed with direct input and feedback from US Military personal it incorporates components that make field cleaning faster and more precise. It’s compatible and interchangeable with the Otis cleaning components such as brushes, scrapers, picks and rods. It has six fold out functions, three per side. There’s a fine pick, flat screw driver and a sight adjusting tool, nylon brush, pin punch and carbon scraper. All the tools lock out with a spring loaded sliding catch; it comes in a nylon pouch and is small and compact.

  • 3.The Leatherman MUT/Rail/Pump These three tools are readily available in the UK. I have used a MUT for a few years. It’s built around Leatherman’s folding pliers system. There are 18 functions, but only two are AR-specific: pin punch for disassembly and a bronze scraper shaped to the inside of a .223/5.56mm bolt. Cheaper are the Rail and the Pump. The former is AR specific as it has a front sight adjusting tool as well as a disassembly pin, the other two removable tools are a single bar with a Posi and a flat blade screwdriver bit and a second with a 7/64 and T15 Torx bit. The same two long bits as on the MUT and all commonly found on ARs Our Army Instructor liked the Rail and used it to adjust the front sight on his SGC .22 AR. The Pump i

  • 4. The Mossy Oak Gunsmith Pocket Tool The Mossy Oak Gunsmith tool looks identical to the Real Avid Ruger tool, apart from being partially covered in their camouflage pattern. It is the same design and layout too but is slightly more expensive. Gone is the very large flat blade made for the Ruger stock screw to be replaced by a T20 Torx bit. The choke key goes from 10-bore down to .410, where the Ruger has a longer flat blade section for a Ruger M77 stock screw.

  • 5. The CRKT CTC Picatinny Tool and CTC RBT (Range Bag Tool) These next two are available from Heinnie Haynes. The CRKT CTC Picatinny is made in conjunction with the Crimson Trace laser company and is specifically designed for their MVF-515 AR laser foregrip. It features a 70mm serrated blade with an ejection pin, 8mm wrench, a scraper, hex bit driver with a small flat head, Phillips Torx 20 and hex 3/32 bits. The .028 and .050 Allen keys are all made from 8Cr14MoV steel for adjusting the MVF-515 laser. It is very well-made and has a pocket clip, and the disassembly punch needed for ARs.