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NEW HELIA 3,5-18x50i Hunting with high magnification

  • The HELIA 3.5-18x50i is a new addition to the HELIA range of riflescopes for stalking and hunting from a hide, which impress on account of their uncompromising focus on the essentials: Functionality, reliability, handling and aesthetics. The 18x magnification power of the HELIA 3.5-18x50i allows targets to be spotted even from further away with an impressive level of details and precision. The parallax compensation turning knob, which has been elegantly combined with the light control, prevents meeting point deviation resulting from a parallax (sight fault) and ensures maximum sharpness of image and reticle at the highest levels of magnification. The powerful optics system offers exceptional edge sharpness and a brilliant image with full colour fidelity. The optional KAHLES ballistic drop compensation and other useful accessory products are available for personal customisation, allowing you to create the perfect tool for your hunt.

  • PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS • Hunting optics with up to 18-time magnification • Parallax adjustment shapely combined with the illumination unit - Powerful optic system with exceptional edge to edge clarity - Day/night illuminated reticle with intelligent automatic switch-off - OILPHOBIC coated lenses

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