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  • Zeiss Hunting Optics are renowned across the globe for providing the highest quality optical products in riflescopes and binoculars and today they have announced they have entered the world of darkness with the launch of the Zeiss DTI 3/35 Digital Thermal Imaging camera. With variable magnification, Zeiss Hunting App wifi connectivity, Video Recording, and Live Stream, Colour Palettes and Zeiss lens systems, the DTI 3/35 provides outstanding optical performance, combining a 384x388 thermal sensor with a 1280x960 HD LCOS display for crisp clear thermal imaging at extended ranges, with the performance, reliability and optical excellence that Zeiss Hunting Optics are renowned around the world for. Designed specifically for the hunting market, the Zeiss DTI 3/35 thermal imager utiizes the style, form, function and optical quality you have come to know and trust, but now with the ability to detect quarry and game in complete darkness at distances over 1km, providing crisp clear imaging, via an HD LCOS display. Ashley Thompson from UK Zeiss Premier Dealers Scott Country International said "We are very excited about the launch of the new Zeiss DTI Thermal Imaging range, knowing the quality and passion behind Zeiss Hunting products using them for deer stalking for most of my life, we fully expect the Zeiss DTI to represent Zeiss at their best...with a high performance thermal imager with the design, features and performance we have come to expect from one of the absolute leaders in traditional day optic brilliance" The Zeiss DTI 3/35 launches August with a retail price of £2650

  • Visit; www.scottcountry.co.uk/ZeissThermal