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HFT Diary: Increasing Interest

HFT Diary: Increasing Interest

Well, quite a month, and with various rumblings doing the rounds about new competition series forming, all supposedly catering for the growing throng that enjoy Hunter Field Target, there’s plenty going on! One venture relayed to me was all rather vague and mysterious, so I’ve no more to add on that score. What I do have, which is rather more concrete, is a new series of competitions, to be known as the ‘HFT Masters’. Two well known names from the competition circuit, Ian Bainbridge, and Roger Lait, are behind the ‘Masters’, and with some big name sponsors already signed up, it already looks like being a success.


Five separate events have been specified so far, with BSA Guns the main appointed sponsor:
Lea Valley Saturday 2nd May
TBA Saturday 20th June
Grey Hound Saturday 8th August
Cambridge Sunday 26th July
Emly Moor Saturday 17th October

Food and toilets available at each venue.


So what’s the idea behind the new series? Here’s what Ian Bainbridge and Roger Lait had to say: “We both feel the time is right to give something back to the sport we love! We want pals, family and friends, to come out and shoot and enjoy our sport, and just have a good day-out. We will welcome and encourage youngsters to accomplish goals within the sport, and their first shoot in the series will be free for them to enter, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

Here’s what makes the HFT Masters different! ALL standing shots will be unsupported, to a maximum of 80 yds for the 3-shots combined. i.e a 25, plus a 25 plus a 30 yarder. The minimum distance is 25 to a max of 35 yards.

ALL kneeling shots will again be unsupported to a maximum of 80 yards for the three on the course: minimum distance 20 yards to a max of 35. All discipline targets will be 35 -40 mm By making all the discipline shots totally unsupported; we feel it will be much fairer for all. Where the UKAHFT rules allow for the use of obstacles to rest against, the end result means you can face little trees, big trees or thin trees. What suits one shooter may be in the wrong place for the next. No more pallets or man made obstacles at the wrong height. No big tree roots to be avoided, if you happen to be right or left handed! This gives every shooter, no matter what size or shape, the same opportunity to knock over each target.


We actively encourage shooters and visitors to look at our course before during and after the competition. We feel this will encourage new people into the sport, and help bolster the all-inclusive credentials of HFT. No more sitting in the cold - no more sitting in the car bored and cold! We welcome you all to have a great day out, and what we really want at the HFT Masters, is to create a place where people want to come and shoot, but first and foremost, just come along and enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. Obviously no artificial yardage tools will be allowed.

Different classes will exist as follows: -Open, -.22 and recoiling guns combined and

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Junior (16 years and under). In addition, there will be a 2-tier system in place at each event, so that newcomers and inexperienced shooters are also catered for. For those new to the sport the emphasis will be on fun and gaining experience in competition. The idea is to give people a better chance to win a prize, and give them something to go for at each event.

Our slogan is ‘INCLUSIVELY OPEN TO ALL’, and this format should be just that. Prizes in each will be the same for the top three highest score in each class. Tier 1 will be the same as any other national HFT competition prizes again in each class. All tier 1 shooters will be drawn for partners on the morning of the shoot. Marshalls will be appointed by HFT Masters and they will shoot for free. Everyone enters the main prize draw on the day. Targets incidentally, will be made by Peter Underwood in the UK, and be of recognized quality.


Every event will be recorded by Field Sports British TV and will be viewable over the internet. Main sponsors as mentioned, are BSA Guns, but the following are also to be involved: Field Sports British TV, The Air Gun Centre, Ronnie Sunshine, JSB, Jack Pike Clothing
Sports Match, Peter Underwood Targets and BASC.

There will be cash prizes at each event. HFT Masters will guarantee, irrespective of numbers, they will pay out three prizes to a total £500 in a free draw at their five events in 2015. In addition, other trophies and prizes will be given out on the day. For more enquires and information, there is our website www.hftmasters.net .”


So will it work? Well I can see their reasoning with regards to discipline shots, and the spectators really do need to be encouraged at every opportunity, so that’s another good thing. What we want to try and avoid is competitors being spread too thinly over several rival events. To be fair to the HFT Masters organizers, they have at least avoided the UKAHFT listed dates, so that’s encouraging.

As for how the changes are received and whether it leads to a more fragmented sport, only time will tell. Sports do need to evolve, and hopefully, HFT will be all the stronger for it. Check out www.hftmasters. net for the full heads up.


For pre-booking application forms and downloads regarding established UKAHFT events (where bookings are still possible), and all the latest information on anything connected with Hunter Field Target shooting, take a look at the following websites:

https://sites.google.com/site/ukahft/ and www.shooting-the-breeze.com https:// sites.google.com/site/whfta1/


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