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Lee Pro Autodisk Powder Measure

Lee Pro Autodisk Powder Measure

The Pro Autodisk is a case-actuated system aimed at the turret and progressive press user, where it’s automatic dispensing fits in well with their higher production. It consists of an alloy lower that accepts Lee’s fixed volume, multi-aperture Autodisk system, while on top there is a removable hopper. To this you need to add their Rifle Charging Die adaptor that allows it to attach to the press. This includes a drop tube that will accommodate case necks from .22 up to .30”.

Yanking My Chain

Along with the dispenser you also get four Autodisks, hopper securing screws, single station lever and a spring and chain. These last two are used to ensure the disk and operating lever return to position after charging, the spring/lever is for single station presses, whereas the chain is for progressive/turrets. The instructions cover all this…

The Autodisks all show six, fixed-aperture powder chambers, so are dependant on the type of propellant you use as to actual charge weight, these range from .30 to 1.57 CC capacities; 24 in all. As ever Lee supplies a chart using common powder-types to show what you will roughly get, but it’s down to you to check and weigh. In this it’s not truly adjustable in the sense of the variable capacity drum on their Perfect Powder Measure.

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For example using Vit N130 with the largest 1.57 CC chamber you can expect a load of 20.8-grains. Weighing charges showed a maximum deviation of 0.2-grain often lower, but never higher. Switch to the smallest .30 CC (same powder) gave an average weight of 4.1-grains, Lee quotes four. I have to say I was surprised and also impressed by the accuracy.

Double Disk Kit

The powder ON/OFF facility consists of simply rotating the hopper from the open to closed positions, this really speeds up changing Autodisks. I would caution you that around two charges are left in the system, so just run them through to stop spillage. Once this is done unscrew the two brass nuts and lift the hopper off.

The real problem with this system is the size of the individual powder chambers, as even with the reasonably fine Vit N130 you only get 20-grains from the biggest 1.57 CC drum. Sure you could charge the case twice, but Lee also offers a Double Disk kit that raise the hopper up enough to get to stack two Autodisks one on the other to double the capacity. This also offers more variations on charge weight too.

Overall a surprisingly clever and practical system that throws reliable charges inside 0.1-0.2-grains deviation. The biggest problem is calibres with capacities much over 40-grains, as they can’t be catered for. Awkward too is the fact that you have to experiment with your powder to see what comes closest to the load you want. Lee has this covered with the Micrometer Adjustable Charge Bar; this adjustable volume unit replaces the Autodisk and goes from .28 to 1.6 CC.

Lee Pro Autodisk Powder Measure (Inc 4 x disks) £19.00
Rifle Charging Die £7.50
Micrometer Adjustable Charge Bar £6.50
Double Disk Kit (Inc 4 x disks) £10.50


  • Ok thanks for ya help.


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    15 May 2010 at 11:04 AM
  • I reckon the Perfect Powder Measure would be a little more flexible for larger charges like that


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    Pete Moore
    15 May 2010 at 08:06 AM
  • Just got a Lee Classic Turret Press and i want to reloaded some Win 308 on it can i use this, need to drop 40-50 grains could i use this with the bouble disk kit and adj charge bar at the same time. or should i get the Perfect Powder Measure and charging dies. the last time i was reloading it was for 38spec and 9mm about 14 years ago. thanks for ya help.


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    14 May 2010 at 07:45 PM