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Lyman Case Length Headspace Gauge

Lyman Case Length Headspace Gauge

When resizing cases it is important to check that they have the correct headspace, which is particularly important to the novice. One way of doing this is to use the Lyman Case Length and Headspace gauge to measure it after resizing. Which will prolong its life as well as ensuring the safety of the ammunition. Gauges are calibre-specific so you buy what you need! It’s a non-adjustable, one-piece steel cylinder that measures headspace from base to datum line and also the maximum diameter and is easy to use! Drop a clean and re-sized case, neck-first into the gauge. From here the position of the head in relation to the maximum and minimum step can be checked, giving the user and quick and easy measurement. Equally, to find out if trimming, is required the same process can be followed except the case head end of the gauge should be placed on a flat surface. From here the user can check the position of the mouth in relation to the minimum and maximum step and make a decision. This is a quick, simple, affordable tool and importantly helps make safe ammunition.


  • Price: £20.50
  • Contact: www.1967spud.com


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