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SmartReloader Baby Powder Trickler

SmartReloader Baby Powder Trickler

The SmartReloader name is not one of the bestknown brands here in the UK, but they have some great reloading products, including the powder tricker reviewed here. Established in 2004 in Europe, SmartReloader produce a wide range of shooting related items to compete with the more established, and generally more expensive, brands.

They have two powder tricklers in their product range, a monster and a baby, covering each end of the size range of tricklers. The Baby Powder Trickler covered here, is a very small and compact unit, which is surprisingly heavy and therefore stable. It is not something that can easily be knocked over with the back of your hand; I have tried! Standing at just over three-inches high, it is indeed a baby, but it sits very well with the Lee Safety Scale and drops the powder into the pan without any grains bouncing out onto the work surface.

Let in flow

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Powder flow was a bit slow to get going due to the fact that the delivery tube is horizontal, the powder grains appear to be moved along it by the internal threaded surface rather than by gravity. Once flow is established however, it is very consistent and each full turn of the knob was dropping 0.1-grains of Bullseye powder, each and every turn.

Some tricklers drop the powder at a faster rate and that causes balance type scales to swing up and down and take a while to settle, but that isn’t the case with this item. The balance moves gradually, as the grains of powder drop in so slowly and only a short distance, allowing fine adjustments to be made relatively quickly. I tried the trickler with four types of powder, with different grain sizes and shapes and all fed through okay, although the Trail Boss powder, with its odd shaped particles, did not feed as well or as consistently as the others.

Overall, this is an impressive little item, and at a little over £10.00 well worth adding to the reloading bench. Henry Krank carry a number of items from SmartReloader, which can be viewed on their website. It is also worth noting that Henry Krank’s post and packing charges are very reasonable, so making ordering online for delivery a good option.


  • Model: SmartReloader Baby Powder Trickler
  • Price: £10.40
  • Contact: Henry Krank, www.henrykrank.com


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