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Wheeler Fat Wrench with 10 Bit set

Wheeler Fat Wrench with 10 Bit set

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A precision tool like a firearm includes various bolts and screws that hold them together. In order to prevent damage to the scope, mounts, rifle and the stock, most manufacturers provide torque specifications for the fixings. During the reassembly of a rifle, adhering to these can help maximise consistency, accuracy and help maintain zero. Wheeler are well known, for its range of gunsmithing tools and offer their Firearm Accurizing Torque Wrench (FAT). This click/clutch-style tool, uses a 1/4” hex drive tip. Torque is adjustable in 5 in-lb increments from 10 to 65 in-lbs. Accuracy is +/- 2 in-lbs up to 40 in-lbs and +/- 5% over that, a calibration certificate is included. There is an analogue display on the side, which includes a scale and sliding indicator with red stripe. To set the torque, pull out the spring-loaded black knob at the base of the handle and rotate it to the desired setting. It comes in a plastic hard case and includes ten bits: hex to square adaptor, #10, #32 and #11 flat blades, 5/32, 7/64 and 3/32 hex, T20, T15 Torx and Leupold speciality flat blade). In use, three audible clicks indicate the correct setting is reached. Overall, a simple, easy to use and effective tool that takes the guesswork out most gun/ scope related needs.

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  • Price: £85.99
  • Contact: Sportsman Gun Centre www.sportsmangun centre.co.uk