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Remington & Marlin Profile

Remington & Marlin Profile

There’s little doubt that in the past few years Remington and Marlin products have not been best handled in the UK, so much so that they have near dropped off the average shooter’s radar. However, that has now changed with a new importer; Raytrade UK Limited who looks set to rectify this imbalance and take both brands again to their proper place in the market.


Raytrade UK is a new company formed to take over Remington Arms and their affiliated brands distribution in the UK. The business has been structured so that they can supply customers with the service and support they demand and deserve. Raytrade Pty Ltd, is Australian and for over 30 years Remington’s largest, single, distributor outside of the USA. So, this was the perfect opportunity to take that experience and replicate the business model in the UK. Raytrade UK’s new office and warehouse facility, based in Hampshire, are now completed and stocked.

They have put together a highly motivated sales, service and support team and are looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead! But also realise they must win back the confidence of the customers on availability, continuity of supply and product knowledge. They are doing this by narrowing available lines, building sufficient stock levels and implementing regular and reliable product flow from the US and Australia.

Loud and clear

Due to the timing of manufacturing processes of different product lines in the US, the availability of stock produced by Remington can vary. Raytrade Australia carries significant stocks of a wide range of Remington and its affiliated brands/products. As a result, Raytrade UK has unique access from both the US and Australia and is far better able to meet the demands that arise from our market.

As well as regular container shipments, they also have in place the option for air shipments to meet urgent and specialist demand. They have received the message loud and clear that availability of service and support is a key requirement for customers! From reliable lead times to knowledge of product detail, warranty repairs and spares availability. They will be focusing on these and all other customer demands.

Mission statement

Before we continue, I’ll leave the final words with Raytrade UK: ‘We have a long way to go to win back market share, but we are here for the long term with brands and products that are globally recognised as market leaders. With the sales and support Raytrade Australia has offered for over three decades, our customers can rest assured we stand behind our products. We want the business and will work hard to win it. Our goal within the first year is to have regained the trust of the trade and within five years to be one of the top three firearm brands in the UK market place.’

So, what are we talking about?

Remington is a global brand with world class products that has not had a suitable sales and support structure in place in the UK market place for the past few years. Raytrade UK will provide this at all levels! So, what’s on offer? There’s a huge portfolio of brands in the Remington stable covering: their full range of rifles, shotguns, handguns and ammunition. Plus; Marlin lever-action and rimfire rifles, Barnes bullets, Bushmaster rifles, Para USA, Advanced Armament Corp, Dakota Arms and Harrington & Richardson. In addition to the Remington brands Raytrade are also distributing: A*B Arms Chassis Systems, Lucky 13 magazine range and crossover products, Explorer Gun Cases, Trophy Gun Safes and GPO Evolve Binoculars

200 years

Remington’s international manufacturing and sales figures speak for themselves: Over 200 years of manufacturing history in both military/police and sporting firearms. Their Model 870 pump-action shotgun platform is used by most of the world’s police and military units since 1951. With global sales exceeding 11 million. Their Model 700 bolt-action with its three rings of steel receiver and hammer forged barrel combine to create the most popular bolt action rifle ever produced. With over 5,000,000 million people trusting this brand and model.

Let’s take a look!

When I was considering this article, I asked Raytrade UK to give me details of their most popular products, so that I could showcase them to give you, the readership, an idea of what is on offer, so let’s start with Remington!

700 5-R Gen II

The Remington 700 5-R sets the benchmark for accuracy and durability. The barrel is cold hammer forged and features 5-R rifling. This 5-land profile increases barrel life, accuracy and creates less fouling and bullet deformation. Whether you shoot bench-rest or hunt, look no further for better reliability and precision.

  • Tactical bolt knob for easy manipulation
  • Fluted barrel
  • Black Cerakote finish for additional protection against the elements
  • H.S. Precision Sand composite stock with black webbing features full-length aluminium bedding blocks
  • X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger
  • Barrel threaded for moderator

Calibres: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, 300 Win Mag
RRP: £1899

700 Magpul

Remington rifles built on the Model 700 action have made their mark from the front line to the firing lines of shooting ranges. Adding to that reputation of tactical superiority in 2017, we proudly introduce the Remington 700 Magpul.

  • Carbon steel barrelled action with tactical bolt handle
  • Metal finished in black Cerakote
  • 22” Heavy Free-floated barrel with 5-R rifling (threaded)
  • X-Mark Pro Externally Adjustable Trigger
  • Magpul Hunter stock (adjustable) with aluminium bedding block

Calibres: .260 Rem, .6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win
RRP: £1399

700 5R Stainless milspec

The Remington 700 5-R sets the benchmark for accuracy and durability. The barrel is cold hammer forged and features 5-R rifling. Whether you’re a bench-rest shooter or hunter, look no further for reliability and precision.

  • H.S. Precision composite stock features full-length aluminium bedding blocks for enhanced stability and shot-to-shot consistency
  • X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger
  • Barrel threaded for moderator

Calibres: .223 Rem, .308 Win, 300 Win Mag

Model 700 mountain SS

The Model 700 Mountain Rifle SS, in stainless steel with a sleek 22” Mountain Contour barrel and a Bell & Carlson aramid-fibre-reinforced stock helps reduce weight to a mere 6 1/2 lbs.

  • Integral extractor is set in a groove inside the rim of the bolt face, uniformly supporting the cartridge head
  • Bell & Carlson synthetic stock
  • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger
  • Barrel threaded for moderator

Calibres: 25-06 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem, .270 Win, .280 Rem, .308 Win, 30-06 Springfield
RRP: £1379

Model 700 long range

From extended-range big-game hunting to printing oneragged- hole groups from the bench, no rifle delivers like the Model 700™ Long Range. This model combines the added stability of a 26” heavy-contour barrel with hardhitting, long-action chamberings to stretch your lethal range.

  • Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock – solid urethane combined with aramid, graphite and fiberglass
  • Concave target-style barrel crown
  • 26” heavy contour barrel with matte finish, perfectly matched to its high-velocity calibre offerings
  • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger
  • Barrel threaded for moderator

Calibres: 25-06 Rem, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 300 RUM,30-06 Springfield
RRP: £1079

Model 700 SPS tactical

The Model 700 SPS Tactical is a highly manoeuvrable member of the family. It’s built for tack-driving accuracy with a 20” heavy-contour, tactical-style barrel and dual-point pillar bedding in its black synthetic stock. Hogue® over mouldings on the stock facilitate sure handling, and it has a semi-beavertail forend for added stability off a rest.

  • 20” heavy barrel
  • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger
  • Hogue® over moulded pillar-bedded stock
  • Durable satin black oxide metal finish
  • Hinged floorplate magazine
  • Barrel threaded for moderator
  • SuperCell® Recoil Pad

Calibres: .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, 300 AAC Blk, .308 Win
RRP: £959

Model 783 (SCOPED)

The striking new stock design is home to a true performance-enhancer, with a dual-pillar bedding platform that free-floats the barrel for unmatched shot-to-shot consistency. The black synthetic stock contains a high nylon fibre content, which promotes superior strength and rigidity. Also helping deliver those inherently tight groups is a precision button-rifled barrel. For shot control, it’s equipped with the crisp new adjustable, Crossfire™ trigger system. The 783 features a steel detachable magazine, standard capacity 4-rounds, three in magnum and comes with a pre-mounted and bore-sighted 3–9x 40mm riflescope.

Calibre: 22/250 Rem, .223 Rem, .243 Win, .270 Win, .308 Win, 30/06 Sprig, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag
RRP: £549

Marlin model 1895 SBL

Quick pointing, fast-handling and classic styling chambered for 45-70 Gov’t. These rifles are hard-hitting, big game-dropping powerhouses.

  • 6-shot, full-length tubular magazine
  • Lever action with big- loop finger lever; side ejection; stainless steel receiver, barrel, lever, trigger guard plate, magazine tube and loading gate; hammer block safety
  • 1:20” twist rate n 37” long n 13 3/8” length of pull
  • XS Lever-Rail with Ghost ring rear sight and front sight post
  • Black/grey laminated hardwood pistol-grip stock with fluted comb; cut checkering; deluxe recoil pad; nickel- plated swivel studs
  • 18.5” stainless steel barrel with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling (6 grooves)
  • 8 lbs. approximate weight

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Calibre: 45/70 Gov’t

Marlin model 1894 magnum/special

The Model 1894 features a revolutionary lever-fire system with repeat-fire capability. It includes a new locking bolt and two-piece firing pin, alongside an improved onepiece trigger and a short receiver that enabled cartridge compatibility with 1888 and 1889 models.

  • 10-shot tubular magazine
  • Lever action with squared finger lever; side ejection; deeply blued metal surfaces; solid-top receiver; hammer block safety
  • American black walnut straight-grip stock; cut checkering; rubber rifle butt pad; tough Mar-Shield finish. Blued steel fore-end cap; swivel studs
  • 20” barrel with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling (6 grooves) WITH 1:38” twist rate

Calibres: 44 Rem Mag, 44 S&W Special, .357 Mag (coming soon)
RRP: £979

Marlin XT rimfire

These bolt-action 22s are reliable and fun to shoot. They come in several different models, with 4 or 7-shot detachable magazines; synthetic or hardwood stocks. All of them have Marlin innovations such as the Pro-Fire Adjustable Trigger and Micro-Groove rifling.

  • 7-shot magazine
  • Blued bolt-action, thumb safety, red cocking indicator
  • Pro-Fire® Adjustable TRIGGER
  • 22” blued barrel with Micro-Groove® rifling (16 grooves) WITH 1:16 twist rate
  • Receiver grooved for scope mount, drilled and tapped for scope bases.
  • Barrel threaded for moderator

Calibres: .17HMR, .22LR
RRP: £269

Remington ammunition

Remington offers a wide range of ammunition from rimfires to most full-bore calibres, here’s a sample of what’s on offer

Premier accutip

From its polymer tip, to its lead core, Premier® AccuTip is optimised for match-grade accuracy and stunning on-game performance. Thousands of rounds in development, it combines truer flight, flatter trajectory and devastating terminal energy.

Calibres; .17 Fireball, .22 Hornet, .204, .222, .223, 22/250, .243, .270, .308, .30/06, 300 Win Mag
RRP; £24.99 (20)

Premier gold box rimfire

Looking for a rimfire cartridge with a centrefire attitude? Remington’s got you covered with this line of .17 HMR Premier Gold Box Rimfire ammunition. Using the same bullet design found in our Premier AccuTip centrefire cartridges, the AccuTip-V’s precision-engineered polymer tip provides match-type accuracy, more on-game energy, and rapid expansion. Available in 17 HMR Premier Gold Box Rimfire Ammunition is loaded with AccuTip-V polymer-tipped bullets for incredible shot-to-shot consistency, flat trajectory and explosive expansion.

Calibres; .17HMR
RRP; £17.50 (50)

High performance rifle

Proof of Remington’s dedication to providing you with the widest selection of centrefire ammunition in the industry, the High- Performance Rifle series consists of a multitude of calibres and popular bullet styles to match your specialised hunting and shooting pursuits. All assembled with premium components and the ultra-tight tolerances that put more home reloading presses on the back shelf than any other brand. Remington High Performance Rifle.

Calibres; .22 Hornet, .222, .223, 22/250, .243
RRP; £17.99 (20)


Since 1939, more hunters have relied on Remington Core-Lokt® than any other big game ammunition, and rightly so. It’s filled more tags on more continents than any other load. Core-Lokt is the original controlled expansion bullet. Its time-proven performance has made it hunting’s first choice for over 75 years. The tapered copper jacket is locked to a solid lead core delivering massive 2X expansion, weight retention and consistent on-game results. Available in soft point and pointed soft point versions. Trust your next hunt to the best-selling hunting ammunition of all time.

Calibres: .243, 25/06, .270, 7mm-08, .303B, .308, 30/06, 300 Win Mag
RRP: £22.99

Barnes bullets

Please see website for full details of calibres etc; www.barnesbullets.com

Triple-shock X

The TSX was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes’ most popular hunting bullet. It has gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest, most dependable bullets you can buy. Try these all-copper bullets and realise the added benefits of improved accuracy, reduced barrel fouling and increased velocity. Available in a large range of calibres.

RRP: £35.99 (50)

Tipped TSX

Since its introduction in 2003, Barnes’ TSX Bullet has earned a reputation as ‘the perfect hunting bullet.’ The new Tipped TSX features the same 100% copper body with multiple rings cut into the shank. It delivers the same superb accuracy and ‘dead right there’ performance, but with an added polymer tip that boosts BC and improves long-range ballistics. The tip and a re-engineered nose cavity provide even faster expansion.

Complete penetration, virtually 100% weight retention and four razor-sharp cutting petals that double bullet diameter means it creates more internal damage than any competing bullet. Instant expansion and perfect penetration ensures cleaner, quicker kills.

RRP: £37.99 (50)

Varmint grenade

Introduced in 2007, the Varmint Grenade has rapidly become one of the most popular varmint bullets around. Based on a design Barnes developed for military applications, the hollow-cavity, flat-base bullet features a copper-tin powdered metal core surrounded by a gilding metal jacket. It remains intact at ultra-high velocities in fast twist barrels, while its highly frangible core fragments violently on impact. This instant fragmentation, virtually vaporizing ground squirrels even at long range. Varmint Grenades instantly expend their energy, seldom exiting larger vermin like rabbits and foxes.

RRP: £22.99 (100)

LRX projectiles

Barnes LRX bullets have been developed to match the advancements in rifle accuracy and extended-range optics. The LRX features a long profile and boat-tail design that delivers match-grade accuracy at long range with an incredibly high ballistic coefficient and terminal performance that delivers the quick, clean, ethical kills you’ve come to expect from Barnes.

RRP: £45.99 (50)
Contact: Raytrade UK; www.raytradeuk.co.uk


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