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The G3 Battle Rifle

The G3 Battle Rifle

There are many reasons why titles in the Weapon Series of books by Osprey are popular, such as attention to details, accuracy and a concise historical background. These points and many more besides are found in this latest work in the series. The G3 rifle became one of the most widely used weapons, seeing service in many conflicts. It is this which makes it popular with collectors and firearms enthusiasts. With its cut-away diagrams, precise text and photographs, this is another ‘must have’ title for anyone interested in modern firearms. The author includes the other weapon designs influenced by the G3, as well as covering its war record, which is second to none. From tropical climates to frozen steppes, the client list of G3 users is impressive and there is much information contained in this work.


Leroy Thompson


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Osprey Publishing Ltd, Oxford





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