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Luger DX 10 X 42 Binoculars

Luger DX 10 X 42 Binoculars

The 10x42 spec of these Luger binos would make you think they are a bit on the large side, which is not the case. So I was pleasantly surprised to see there were compromises on size and weight. This model sits in the middle of a range of three with an 8 X 42 and 12 X 50 as well. They are rubber-armour coated, which makes them tough and waterproof, which is attested to by those words moulded into the housing, so a good bet for hard outdoor use.
The build uses a roof prism so the barrels are simple tubes and not the angled/dog leg shape of the older poro prism types. The former is a more modern look so making them similar to the top brands like Swarovski and Zeiss; smart move! The eye cups screw up/down to suit normal sighted and glasses wearers alike. Eye focus is only on the right hand barrel with a simple rotary ring to set a primary focus position.

Easy Operation

Main focus is integrated into the rear of the hinge area and offers a wide/long grooved drum, which is well placed for easy finger manipulation, as your digits rest naturally on this control. Operation is smooth and easy with no break in the viewing position as you range targets at varying distances. 

Classed by Luger as “excellent all-rounders even under low light conditions”, the BAK-7, phase-corrected roof prisms allows them to render brilliant and sharp images. Internal focusing and nitrogen filling make the DX 100% waterproof. The lenses are given Luger’s DIM full coating, helping with both edge to edge clarity and a high degree of performance in all lighting conditions with a full sight picture, plus they focus down to approximately 5-yards. The 42mm objectives really suck in any available light as I’ve used them to spot at some distance while foxing under a filtered diffused light beam.

Good Ergonomics

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Ergonomics are good too with the rubber armour providing a secure surface, plus underneath are thumb channels for a sure and instinctive hold. Again copying the big boys in overall look and feel; not a bad thing to do… They’ll also slip easily into an outer jacket pocket should you not want to wear them with the neck strap or use the carry case included.

Lens covers are included and Luger use a one piece rear unit that threads through the strap so you can take it off without fear of loss. Up front there are individual objective covers that do the same. Not as slick as those that slip around the barrels; but still pretty good. I’ve heard many say the DX range are amongst the finest made by Luger and from my experience of the DX 10 X 42 I’d recommend these to anybody but like anything of such quality they do come at a price.Carrying case and neck strap are included.

For: A competitive modern design

Against: A bit pricey given the competition

Verdict: Pleasingly proportioned and looking very much like the top end brands  

PRICE: £519.95

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  • Luger DX 10 X 42 Binoculars - image {image:count}

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  • Luger DX 10 X 42 Binoculars - image {image:count}

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  • Model : DX 10 X 42
  • FOV : 105m @1000m
  • Dimensions : 144 X 107 X 60mm
  • Weight : 600g


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