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Holosun Red Dot Sight

Holosun Red Dot Sight

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HOLOSUN’s red dot sight is a bit unusual but seems to offer the best of both worlds. Visually, it looks a bit like an AimPoint or similar tubed designs and mounts via a wide, single ring and a long Picatinny base. It comes with flip-up lens covers and small windage and elevation turrets with 0.5MOA click values and tethered caps. It offers dual power modes, with a standard, 3V, coin-type battery sliding into the lower body, however, on top of the saddle is a solar cell. In manual mode, you are running off the battery, press + for 3-seconds and you have full control via the +/- rheostat pad on the left. To exit, press +/- simultaneously. It then goes into auto mode, which runs off ambient light and will adjust brightness accordingly. When it gets too dark, it will automatically switch back to battery power. The dot size is 2MOA, which allows you to push out to 100m+ without covering too much of the target. The battery holder (plate) is screwed into place, which is a bit awkward and long winded, although a 10 Torx key is provided, which also does the clamp and ring too. It comes in a padded, plastic box with a spare plate and two spares cells, plus a tool for changing cells and lens cloth. Overall, this is a clever system, HOLOSUN quotes a battery life of 30,000 hours as it draws minimal current to run.

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  • Price: £245.99
  • Contact: Rifleworks; www.rifleworks.co.uk