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Sirmi Facemask

Sirmi Facemask

In the past, I have used full-face masks for airsoft where the site operator has stipulated their use, but wherever possible I personally prefer to run out with just high-quality shooting glasses; even with the best will in the world I find full masks to be intrusive, and they make it really hard sometimes to use sights and optics.

That said, for younger players, and with the minimal engagement distances found on some dedicated CQB sites, the full face is an absolute must have. So what’s the answer, can’t someone make a mask that gives you complete protection without weighing a ton and obscuring your vision?

Well, I’m more than pleased to report that someone finally has, in the shape of the SIRMI mesh mask! The SIRMI from Naqa in Italy is an ergonomic design covering an area of 150x140x190mm and weighing just a feather-light 65g, which undoubtedly makes it one of the most compact and lightweight full-coverage masks in the world; its unique shape also means it can be used with any type of equipment including helmets and hoods without ruining your cheekweld or obscuring your optics!

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Made from a combination of black, powder-coated stainless steel for the mesh for the mask itself and rubber/nylon for the arms, frame, and heat-mouldable nosepiece means that the SIRMI will put up with masses of abuse but give you huge levels of protection; the mask is also held firmly in place once fitted thanks to a sports silicone strap that’s included in the package. It’s also, to the best on my knowledge, the first mask designed with a heat mouldable structure that allows you to adapt to your face, improving safety and facilitating aim with your airsoft replica carbine or rifle. The large front grill also ensures complete ventilation and a wide viewing angle to ensure that your sensory and situational awareness can be kept at their very best.

Face Off

In terms of use, I took the SIRMI sample into play at my local site, and it was extremely comfortable to wear all day long. I did take a couple of BB strikes to it during the course of the skirmish and on close inspection I could find not a chink in this face armour. Taking it into the workshop I fired my 1.09-Joule/344fps GBB rifle into it at close range, and even then only a very, very slight deformation could be noted. The same was true when a fired my 1.79-Joule/440fps sniper rifle into it at 50-feet; for both occasions I used .20g high-quality ASG BLASTER BBs.

For this level of protection, the SIRMI is also extremely well-priced at just £42.99; let’s face it, buying fully rated shooting glasses is never cheap, and a trip to the dentist gets more and more expensive each year, so paying out the cost of the SIRMI to completely protect your eyes and teeth seems a prudent spend!

The SIRMI mask really does offer full and maximum protection, so you can face all your skirmishes with confidence. Visibility and ventilation are completely optimised so that you can stay focused on your mission, and I for one will be making sure that there’s one of these excellent little masks in my own gun case from now on!

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