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Howa Accessories Tactical Bolt Knob

Howa Accessories Tactical Bolt Knob

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With the increase in tactical/precision rifles, there’s a raft of kit to make them shoot and work better or simply look good. One such accessory, is the ‘extended bolt knob’; offering a longer wider end cap, it should improve operation and add extra leverage if required. Often as not, this sort of modification is the premise of the gunsmith, necessitating removing the bolt knob and threading the handle stub to mount it. However, good news if you own a Howa 1500 or Weatherby Vanguard, Highland Outdoors are now offering a non-gunsmithing option for both rifles. Both are made by Howa in Japan, the only difference is the shape of the knob, with one being round and the other tapered. No problems, as the Howa Accessories Tactical Bolt Knob is shaped inside to handle either profile.

The build shows a split, black anodised extended/enlarged knob that’s fluted for grip. It measures 1.75 x .75-inches and offers a bit more to get hold of and it really improves things. Fitting is simple, the kit comes with 3x Allen screws, a key and two rubber O-rings, which can be used if required to pack out any internal space. We put them on both rifle types and did not need them. The job takes a couple of minutes and the result is well worth the effort. Chances are, it might fit other makes of rifle too.

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  • Name: Howa Accessories Tactical Bolt Knob
  • Price: £29.99
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors Ltd. highlandoutdoors.co.uk