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NERD AR15 Ambi Charging Handle

NERD AR15 Ambi Charging Handle

The debate of T-handle or sidecharging operation goes on with straightpull AR15 enthusiasts.

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The former group feel that rifles look better without big and ugly side handles and are prepared to put up with the limited functionality they offer. The latter know that they aren’t worth a hill of beans in the heat of the action, where you do not have time to worry about primary extraction. However, and regardless of whether the AR is manually operated or self-loading, the standard T-handle is perhaps too small and there are many and varied improved/ extended designs available.

Given any design improvements in this area is a bonus, let’s look at the NERD Ambi Charging Handle. The actual T-shaped section is much beefier than the original, with generous side wings and a slotted/ dished area at the rear for the thumb. The release catch is ambidextrous, so you can get on it from the left or right or together, these levers also extend the width, so more to get hold of too. NERD offers three options, with long and short levers (long lever on test) and also a version for the 308-sized AR10-type actions. In use, the NERD ambi is superior to a standard T-handle and if you don’t want all the clutter of side cocking, is an improvement over the original system!

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