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Aussie Precision Chassis Stock

Aussie Precision Chassis Stock

There’s little doubt that chassis system stocks have become the big thing, with many companies offering something for many makes of rifle. Highland Outdoors is no exception and as the importers of Howa rifles have sourced several options; on test is the Aussie Precision Chassis Stock for the Howa 1500, which will also fit the Weatherby Vanguard, as it has the same inlet and magazine system, as it’s also made by Howa!

Solid base

So, what is a chassis system? It consists of an aluminium moulding or machining that replaces the standard furniture that the rifle’s receiver bolts into, giving a 100% rigid interface between the two components. This is not a full-sized stock but just a spar that can be fitted with a suitable butt, pistol grip and forend for a full free-float of the barrel. The Aussie Precision very much fits this template.

The chassis measures 16.5” long and is a rigid design and requires no bedding and accepts the standard Howa floor plate magazine system (short action only), or the Legacy Sports box mag conversion kit. The rear is threaded to accept an AR15 buffer tube, in this case the shorter CAR15-type, so that a length-adjustable butt can be used. Aussie Precision fit a Luth MBA-4 and up front is a 17” octagonal, ventilated, free-float tube that will accept M-Lok accessories. A Hogue, rubber over-moulded pistol grip is fitted, along with a spacer/mounting block. The stock looks the business and is finished in a Cerakote finish in either black, FDE (flat dark earth) or Multi-Cam.

Get it together

Due to the nature of the build, the stock must be disassembled to fit the rifle. The float tube is attached under the forend stub by two Allen bolts, the pistol grip comes off (one bolt) to reveal the spacer/mounting block, which is retained by four more. With these off, the barrelled/action and floor plate or mag well can be dropped in and bolted up using the existing action screws, then the block and grip re-fitted. Finally, slide the forend over the barrel and align the last two bolts.

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I used my Weatherby Vanguard custom in 6.5 Creedmoor with a 22”, medium/heavy barrel and there was more than enough clearance to give a solid free-float. The Legacy magazine conversion went straight on and fed better than it does in my GRS Sport Varmint stock! But what about a bipod, which I consider essential on this sort of rifle system? As there’s no room between the slots at 6 o’clock to fit the standard QD sling stud, however, Highland supplied an M-Lok Harris bipod adaptor, so I but my BRS pod up front.


I have a fixed Luth AR butt on my AR15 and have tested the telescopic MBA-4 before and have mixed feelings on it! The adjustable LOP goes from 12 to 14.75”, so generous and there’s a height-adjustable cheek piece/ comb and the club-foot design offers a forward gripping hook, which is good for prone work. Underneath is a small section of Picatinny rail, so you could mount a monopod with a compatible fitting. Adjustment is by a small, pull-down locking plunger, butt to buffer tube fit is sloppy, Luth counter this with an Allen screw that literally jams the butt against the tube. They have thoughtfully included an Allen key that clips into the side of the butt. It works but means that when you want to change the LOP you must undo the screw. Plus, with the comb fully down you can’t operate the locking plunger!

The float tube offers a rigid support and does its job well, with six M-Lok slots underneath and the adaptor you can position the bipod as you want, I had it close to the forend for greater stability. I use a 56mm objective scope on this rifle and had to dig out higher mounts, as it did foul the float tube, but that’s just down to what you use. In use, and with the butt locked out to my required LOP, the Aussie stock offered a stable and useable platform, with enough adjustment to suit most physical needs. The Hogue pistol grip gives a good hand/trigger finger position.

Confusing alternative

Aussie Precision offers another option on this chassis. Using a BML fixed butt, it screws directly into the rear of the chassis. LOP is adjusted by spacers at the rear and there’s a cut-out for your supporting hand. What’s odd is the cheekpiece/comb, which is a higher mounts reversible, horse shoe style and offers height adjustment; the problem is, I found it far too high, even at its lowest setting and it would require extra-high rings. Also, in one position you cannot get the bolt to cycle its full length. Unless I’m missing something here, I’d go for the Luth MBA-4 furniture, or at least say look first and see if it suits you before committing!

I have no complaints about the Aussie Stock’s functionality, even with the Luth MBA-4 butt when properly adjusted. You could put on something from Magpul, which would doubtless be better, but that would mean adding to the cost.


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  • Where did you get the chassis from only place I can find just the stock itself is straight from legacy.

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    11 Dec 2018 at 03:52 PM

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