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Abbey Silicone Gun Grease

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease

One name synonymous with the necessary lubricants for this field is Abbey Supply Company, and their comprehensive list of products has assisted the amateur and professional airgun tuner for several decades.

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease is a traditional favourite that has stood the test of time. It’s the ideal lubricant for plastic components within airguns, and a ‘low surface tension’ means it forms an even film over and between components. This prevents dry areas between surfaces likely to suffer friction. The grease is also ideal for creating a good seal around airgun washers and ‘O’ rings, since it wont soften or swell the material.

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In addition, the manufacturers claim the Silicon Gun Grease is compatible with all types of plastic, and since it tolerates very high temperatures it keeps working for longer.

As with any silicone- based product however, it needs to be kept away from metal to metal contact areas, as this can cause wear.

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease comes in handy 20ml tubs, and is available from all good gun-shops, but for full dealer network information or trade enquires, contact Abbey directly.

Price: Around £5.50
Contact: Abbey Supply Co. 01202 623258 www.abbeysupply.com

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