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Brunox Gun Oil

Brunox Gun Oil

There are now numerous gun cleaning products available on the market and the choice can be a bit confusing. They all claim to be the best for a particular application, and it is hard to know which ones to use and when.

This Brunox product has proven to be a particularly good all-round cleaner and corrosion protector for use out in the field, before getting the guns home for a full clean. As it comes in a spray can, Brunox is easy to use with no risk of spills and it can be directed exactly where you need it. A single application provides corrosion protection, displaces humidity and helps loosen deposits in the barrel. If you get your gun wet on a shooting trip this stuff really does provide an instant and effective barrier against moisture. There is nothing worse than having to put a wet gun into a bag and Brunox is a great way to displace water and stop rust and corrosion getting a grip on the way home. A generous spraying over all the metal surfaces, and in the barrel, drives out the wet and leaves a protective coating that is dry in a couple of minutes.

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Although the manufacturers do not describe this as a gun cleaning product, it certainly does loosen residues in the barrel and provides a good level of cleaning and, as a bonus, it neutralises hand sweat. The level of cleaning and protection is good enough to use this as a general gun cleaner but, purely because it is not described as a ‘solvent’ or ‘bore cleaner’, I do find myself giving the bore a run through with a copper or lead remover when I get home, just to be sure. Before putting a gun back in the cabinet, it is well worth giving it a quick wipe down with Brunox to protect against moisture and to neutralise any residual fingerprints that you might have missed.

Brunox comes in both an aerosol and a pump spray, which is uncommon for a product like this, giving you a more environmentally friendly option if you want it and a little spray seems to go a long way so it is economical too.

This is definitely a product worth adding to your kit bag when you go out shooting.

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  • Name: Brunox Turbo Spray Gun Oil
  • Price : 100ml pump spray £7.66, 300ml Aerosol £9.60
  • Contact: Henry Krank & Co. Ltd. henrykrank.com


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