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BSA Shooting Rest Bags

BSA Shooting Rest Bags

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Range bags have been around for an eternity, and the idea is simple. Rest the gun on one or both of the bags, and the soft support will hold the gun steady, free from user wobble, and enable an efficient zero or grouping session to be carried out. Being able to see properly just how accurate a gun is, whilst minimizing human error is the name of the game, and it’s hardly surprising just how popular they are. Modern materials have enabled the concept to be offered at a low price, and these Shooting Rest Bags from BSA are a prime example. For under a tenner, you get a set of two bags, made from tough, coated Dernier style material. The smaller bag would normally sit at the rear of the stock to stabilize, and the larger bag takes the main weight of the rifle. The larger bag here gets a soft touch panel sewn into the main top contact surface, and there’s also a clasp ring to join the two bags together if required, which keeps them safely pinned together as a set if nothing else.

The bags are supplied empty and flatpack, and there are a variety of mediums that can be used for the filling, such as dry split peas/lentils, sand, rice, or polystyrene balls, and the filling is easily achieved, by pulling open the folded entry tubes, and funnelling in the medium. Once full, the tubes seal with Velcro, and tuck inside. In use, the bags are a perfect size, work extremely well; and are surely one of the best value accessories on the market.

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  • Name: BSA Shooting Rest Bags
  • RRP: £9.99
  • Contact: BSA Guns: bsaguns.co.uk


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