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Flitz tumbler Additive

Flitz tumbler Additive

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Flitz polishing agents have been used and loved for more than 30 years. They manufacture a wide range of products for many applications including cars, boats and aircraft. They also do some for knives and firearms, which includes; bore cleaner, a knife and gun care kit, rifle & gun wax and a tactical matte finish cleaner. The good news is that Henry Krank now stocks a wide selection of these products. A popular one for reloaders is Flitz tumbler/media additive.

As the name suggests, it is designed to be used in conjunction with a tumbler filled with media to clean, polish and protect fired brass cases. It can be used with corn cob, walnut or other media to remove dirt, oxidation, tarnishes, lead build-up, and fingerprints. It cuts tumbling times in half and does not cause build-up on the brass. Crucially it does not contain ammonia so will not stress and embrittle the brass cases like some other products. It is simple to use, just add 1oz of Flitz per 1lb of media. If the media has been used for a while then add one capful to rejuvenate the media. It is an eco-safe green product that is available in either 225ml or 473ml bottles.

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