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Camplex PCP Airgun Tank Bag

Camplex PCP Airgun Tank Bag

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns are dependent upon an external power source, and the most common way of charging, adopted by the majority of enthusiasts, is a divers bottle. Having 3000psi at our fingertips is all well and good, but this system does bring with it major responsibilities in terms of basic safety.

Storage & transportation

Storage is one side of the equation, and keeping children well away from the proceedings has to be top of any checklist, due to the high pressures involved. However, safe transportation when travelling in a car is also of vital importance. On show here is a relatively new product from a company called Camplex, and it offers a neat solution to the problem. James Roberts is the man behind the company, and as a keen shooter of PCP airguns for around 30 years, so he has some experience in this field. He decided that a dedicated bag designed to transport air bottles was required, and he set about designing one. The PCP Air Tank bag is the result, and with plenty of features built-in, it makes a lot of sense for any enthusiast.

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It is a one-piece affair, with an exposed neck hole where the bottle is initially pushed through to settle into position. Opt for a slimline bottle, then you can fully utilize the two padded panels supplied (although the bag is itself padded) placing them around the bottle, and the sturdy zip keeps everything cosy. There are large side pockets for storing accessories, and with the outer material being 600D polyester canvas with a PVC backing, the makers reckon the bags are waterproof too.

In situ

When it’s time to fill the airgun, the top section unzips and folds back, allowing the hose and gauge to come into play. Charging is then done with the bottle in situ, the valves and hose/ adaptors are protected from dirt and knocks whilst the bag is carried, be that onto the range or into the field. As for transportation in the car boot, the bag is designed so that it will not roll about. There’s a sturdy honeycomb baseboard built in, and two large rubberized feet on the underside for extra grip. The two padded sections give added support, and they also help restrict movement. Need more pads, then these are available.


These bags are aimed at both PCP airgun shooters and paintballers. They are currently available to carry 3, 4, 5 & 7-litre standard steel dive bottles with various valve head configurations. Carbon fibre bottles of the correct dimensions can be used, although their lack of intrinsic weight means they will not be quite as stable. Maximum cylinder height including valve is specified as 530mm (just over 20.75”) for the 5-litre, but Camplex is now producing larger bags for 7-litre sized bottles.

OK, so there are simple ways to tie down a bottle and stop it moving about, but these bags are particularly neat, and just make the whole process incredibly civilized.

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  • Name: Camplex PCP Air Tank Bag
  • Colours: Green, Camo or Black
  • Additional inserts: £10 (pair)
  • Price: 5ltr: £59.00, 7ltr: £69.00
  • Contact: Camplex bags www.camplexbags.com