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PROTSC Tactical 36.5” Large oblong gun bag 1961

PROTSC Tactical 36.5” Large oblong gun bag 1961

Gun bags tend to break down in to two types – most basic is the simple slip that takes a long gun and might or might not offer an external pouch for small items like chokes etc. Then we have the tactical-types. These not only cosset your baby, but offer enough pockets, straps zips and pouches to satisfy the most anal of us in terms of storage. Others have a harness system for long term carry, and/or can fold out into some form of shooting mat.


I’m coming at this from an AR15 user’s perspective, though the PROTSC Tactical range of bags are equally at home with any gun-type given their length and the range of models they offer. With ARs I and I would imagine many others like to carry all the kit in one place. So storage for the rifle, magazines, tools, cleaning kit etc means one piece of ‘grab-n-go’ gun luggage.

The design is simple yet practical and as a gun bag reasonably unobtrusive as its deep, rectangular shape does not scream out ‘GUN INSIDE’, never a bad thing these days! My tester was the 36.5” (Large) model, which will be good for CAR15/ M4-type ARs with the butt at its shortest setting. They also offer a 26” (Long Arm/Pistol Bag), 33” (Medium) and 41” (Extra Large) versions.

Made of 1680 Polyester the Large measures 36.5 X 14.5” with an external cargo pouch of 33 x 12”, the whole range is only available in black. Closure is by double-ended, YKK zips with a heavier build on the gun section than the cargo. Wrap-around carry handles with a Velcro-backed securing wrap balance in the middle; on the back is a wide, adjustable sling with shoulder pad. Plus there are two, plastic D-rings at either end of the spine that doubtless can be used to attach another strap.

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“However, as an AR15 user I’d go for the Extra Large 41” version”


The walls are well padded and lined with a soft material. Inside are two rows of nylon webbing (one above the other) partitioned into 12 wide loops each. Four, Velcro straps loop through these so you can attach them to your rifle’s individual shape to keep it secure. As can be imagined, at 14.5” deep it’s no problem putting in an AR with a 30-round mag fitted even with a big scope on top!

Inside the cargo compartment shows two 10x6” zipped pouches and three, elasticated magazine holders, that will take the generic 30-round AR mag., plus a lot of stowage for cleaning rods etc. In use the bag proved its worth as it’s strong, well made and offers a good amount of protection and stowage to do the job 100%. However, as an AR15 user I’d go for the Extra Large 41” version, as the 36.5” (Large) is only really good for shorter 14.5/16” CAR 15-types with telescopic butts.

Prices: £49.95 26” - £29.95, 33” - £44.95 and 41” - £54.95
CONTACT: PROTSC Practical Tactical Bags, 07787 420768 practicaltactical bags.co.uk

FOR: Well made, subtle and practical
AGAINST: Other colour options would be good
VERDICT: Great product at good money, well worth a look

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  • PROTSC Tactical 36.5” Large oblong gun bag 1961 - image {image:count}

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