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Maxpedition Edgepeal Ambidextrous Sling

Maxpedition Edgepeal Ambidextrous Sling

The Maxpedition Edgepeak Ambidextrous Sling Pack is great quality with top notch stitching and materials, with all internal seams taped and well finished; the zips are from YKK.

The main compartment is 9.5 x 4 x 14.5-inches with zipped internal pockets. On the front are two compartments; the lower has loads of internal side pockets, one of which is zipped. Above this, is a smaller, rigid compartment measuring 6.5 x 1 x 3.5-inches, with a fleece lining, perfect for holding glasses. The rear, zipped compartment measures 9.5 x 1 x 14-inches and on top of the pack is a strong, central carry handle.

Going Solo

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The single, fully padded shoulder strap is fixed centrally to the top of the bag. At the bottom corners of the pack, there are attachment points for this strap to connect to with a sprung karabiner, making it truly ambidextrous. When you first put the sling pack on, it does feel very different to a traditional back pack and it takes a little getting used to. The load is indeed carried on one shoulder, but after a short time you do stop noticing! When you start moving around, the pack does not bounce around, it sits behind the middle of your back and stays put, another surprise! The pack is also supplied with a stabiliser strap, which can be attached to the shoulder strap in the middle of the chest and to the bottom corner of the back pack.

More Advantages

This style of pack also has a few more advantages over the traditional two strap design. Firstly, you can keep the pack on while shooting a rifle. Worn on the opposite shoulder to the one you shoot from, the pack and strap do not interfere with the gun at all, so you can shoot unhindered. Secondly, because the pack has a large, quick-release buckle in the middle of the chest, you can drop the pack instantly with one hand. In the sitting position, you can release the buckle, stand up, and the pack stays on the ground. The final advantage is that you can bring the bag around to your front, to access the contents, without having to take it off; by simply reaching around and grabbing the bottom corner of the pack, you can pull it all the way around, so that the pack is across your chest, allowing you to open all the compartments.


Although I still prefer a traditional style back pack for heavier loads, when it comes to smaller loads, I am now a convert. The sling style is my new pack of choice for pest control or rough shooting, when I do not need to carry all the usual target shooting gear and need to be able to react and shoot quickly. It is absolutely ideal; you never need to take the pack off, and you can access the contents easily. The quality is very good and the compartments are well thought out and functional.

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  • Name: Maxpedition Edgepeak Ambidextrous Sling
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Weight: 1088g
  • Material: water and abrasion resistant fabrics
  • Price: £141.95
  • Contact: : www.military1st.co.uk