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Helikon Accuracy Shooting Bag

Helikon Accuracy Shooting Bag

Helikon’s Accuracy Shooting Bags are 100% Cordura, securely manufactured range of accessories to suit many shooting activities. I bought three of the four models available, to assist me with gun testing, especially on rifles without a suitable bipod mount for stable support. The bags are all supplied unfilled and require media of your choice to bulk them out and add mass. Cat litter, tumbling media and BBs are among the suggestions, along with rice (my personal choice), the last of which is what I used and although probably the densest, this side of kiln dried sand, gives me the most stability. Being heavy, it is also the most likely to tempt the bag to split for semi-destructive testing purposes on behalf of my readers!

Heavy duty YKK zips are used in all locations and I have to say, lots of bags like these are made with poor components, which soon split or burst under just their own weight, never mind gun handling and transportation. I went for Large and Small Roller bags, along with a single Cube bag. Construction was neat and tidy with elegant stitching reinforcing the composite build, grippy rubberised grey panels complement the Coyote coloured Cordura Nylon. They are not advertised as waterproof and I would suggest a filling material like BBs if you expect these to get used in all conditions; any moisture combined with rice or litter can soon spoil. Likewise, for use in the field, polymer beads will save an immense amount of weight; filled with rice, the smallest roller bag weighs over one kilogram!

Easy fill

Opening the zips allows an easy pour in of your media to fill to a firmness of your choosing and juggling everything around will soon settle grains or BBs into the deepest corners, before the zips are drawn closed and tucked back into their own retention pockets. I’d superglue them closed once I was sure of my media type and fill density but to be honest, after 2000-plus miles of travel in my range bag and about 30 people using them to shoot from in a variety of support positions, on smooth finished walnut stocks and fairly rough finished rifles like the AK47, not a single spill or split has occurred. Straps make the bags easy to carry and if needed, can attach them together or to rifles themselves. They will also work as compression straps on a temporary basis if positional requirements need it. The rice fill has allowed the bags to be stacked in a stable modular fashion, with the small roller horizontal or vertical under the gun’s butt, with Larger Roller and the Cube bag stacked for a non-bipod fitting forend. The small ‘pillow’ is an ideal addition if you shoot from gravel firing points and want to protect your elbow from abrasion!


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