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Jack Pyke Cone Pellet Collector

Jack Pyke Cone Pellet Collector

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Paper target holders for airgun use that also act as a metal backstop cum pellet trap/ catcher are nothing new but some can be prone to ‘delivering’ a ricochet, which is something that the Cone Pellet Catcher from Jack Pyke (JP) of England negates. The reason for this is indicated by the name, as it’s the ‘cone’ shape design that ‘persuades’ or better put ‘directs’ spent pellets into falling down, to be contained within the metal housing. Having a galvanised, robust, all-steel construction, the front open section measures approximately 5½” x 5¾” including the inward formed lips that hold JP’s own and many other commercially available paper practice targets. The four outer sides of the main structure then angle inwards in a cone shape to a depth of 5”. Here all sides are welded to a 4½” long piece of 1½” X 1½” box section piece of steel. The rear of which also has a pre-drilled enlarged hanging/ attachment hole for screwing to a suitable backstop or placing over/ then being screwed onto, a suitably sized wooden stake. The build of the ‘catcher’ is very strong and the structure of a size that it can be transported easily if you want to mount it somewhere safe on your permission, rather than just use it at home on the plinking range. It comes supplied with 10 single large ‘bull’ design paper targets; the company also sell them separately in packets of 100.

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  • Name: Cone Pellet Catcher
  • SRP : £13.50 plus 10pcs Paper Targets (100 Paper Targets £5.50)
  • Contact: Jack Pyke of England. Tel: 01234 740327 www.jackpyke.co.uk


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