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Jack Pyke Recoil Pads

Jack Pyke Recoil Pads

The Jack Pyke rubber shock absorbing recoil pad is designed for use on guns that do not already have a rubber butt pad, such as older shotguns, centrefire and rimfire Section 1 rifles and airguns.

Some can be very uncomfortable to fire, as they often have a lot of recoil and a quick fix solution such as this is ideal, though not that pretty. But if it helps you shoot better and be more comfortable, then it’s doing its job! The pad may also be used to increase the length of pull (LOP) of a particular firearm or airgun, which for those with longer arms is near essential for a proper gun fit. Another useful feature is that the rubber pad section will allow the butt to adhere to the shoulder when in the aim, as some long guns have smooth and slippery pads. It is formed from a single rubber moulding and features a long stretchy tube, which will just pull over many gunstocks. If required, it can be secured via screws top and bottom but with the grippy nature of the rubber this shouldn’t be necessary.

The rear butt section, is around ¾” deep, and ventilated, so will absorb a fair bit of recoil and movement and with a series of ridges all part of the moulding at the back, it’s hard to see the pad moving once in the shoulder too, giving an assured aim along with those recoil absorbing properties. The Jack Pyke recoil reducer is well priced and is a quick fix solution for many of the above issues, it’s available in brown or black.


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