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Kestrel Mini Tripod and Wind Vane

Kestrel Mini Tripod and Wind Vane

In my test of the Kestrel/Horus weather meter/ballistics package last month, I noted a couple of the accessories would help. These are the wind vane and mini tripod. The latter does what you would expect, gives a stable base, but when coupled with the former, they provide enhancement to the systems capabilities.

The wind vane, when fastened onto the tripod, has a cradle which the Kestrel clips into. Its perfect balance and rotating bearing assembly, allows the small vane on the end of a rod to steer the impeller directly into the wind.


The tripod and vane come in two Cordura cases with assembly instructions but it ain’t rocket science… There’s a small folding clamp that allows the Kestrel to be fitted to it, but can only be manually directed into the wind. This on its own will drop into any pocket and be of little burden, but the real treat is the wind vane! A small, five inch fin attaches to a lightweight, two-piece, 12” composite rod. This fits into the bearing mounted cradle. These four components are firmly held together by a simple but effective elastic cord.

We have all, at times, watched grass and other foliage, along with dust, smoke and countless other things blow around in the wind. In speeds of less than 0.5 mph, although the unit would spend long periods orientated in one specific wind direction, it was enlightening to watch it twist and turn, often with a displayed speed change on a regular basis. It is an interesting tool to watch and learn from! Although it is yet another item not everyone would want to carry in the field, I stand by my original opinion that this adds another dimension to what is already a great learning tool. After all, it is not just the wind’s speed but direction as well that is critical!

Wind Watching

I am told that professional long-range shooters spend long periods of time just watching how the wind affects their environment. This helps them to discern possible patterns and after using the two accessories, I can see how it can assist anyone to learn how the wind can develop certain repetitive characteristics, along with optimum periods within which to take a shot.

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With respect to the Horus version specifically, all this data can again be incorporated either manually or automatically into the firing solution developed. Of course, nothing cures the fact that the display will not necessarily be facing you when you are on the gun…


Wind Vane £60.00
Mini Tripod £22.80

•Contact: Richard Paul Russell, 01590 679755 www.r-p-r.co.uk

•For: Allows more understanding of wind and how to correct for it

•Against: Viewing the readings is not always easy

•Verdict: A must have accessory set for any Kestrel handset

1, Addressing the problem of keeping your Kestrel/HORUS ballistics & weather meter pointing into wind are the mounting bracket, tripod and tail boom system; clever stuff

2, Side view showing the tail boom attached to the cradle/tripod assembly

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  • Kestrel Mini Tripod and Wind Vane - image {image:count}

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  • Kestrel Mini Tripod and Wind Vane - image {image:count}

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