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Mil Tec Large First Aid Kit Leina Pro

Mil Tec Large First Aid Kit Leina Pro

Shooting is a generally safe activity and accidents are thankfully rare; however, if the unthinkable does happen, then you should be equipped and prepared to deal with the situation. Shooting clubs and ranges will of course have a first aid kit on site, but it is still worth carrying your own basic kit, just in case.

Mil-Tec Large Medical First Aid Kit

The first aid kit on test is large and carries more than just sticking plasters and antiseptic wipes (it does include these items by the way). The kit is contained in a very highquality pouch made of Oxford Polyester, which is water repellent and harder wearing than standard polyester. There are two substantial attachment straps, secured with press studs and lots of other attachment points on all sides. The two-way zip pulls on the main compartment are glove friendly and they provide a large opening, giving easy access to the contents.

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The entire kit is held in a plastic sleeve, which can be lifted out of the bag and laid on its back, where it falls open to allow access to all the contents; this permits one-handed use of the kit if needed. Now here is the only down-side to this particular kit; all the contents are labelled in German! There is a description on each piece in English, but it is in far smaller print than the main German headline. On the plus side, many of the items are easily identified, due to their size and shape and their clear packaging; plus, the clever layout of the kit makes everything easy to see. It is well worth familiarising yourself with the contents and layout of the kit, rather than be fumbling for the right bandage in an emergency. The items in the kit all appear good quality and they are properly contained in sterile packaging.


The kit carries all the items you might need for minor injuries, like plasters, sterile wipes, gloves and scissors, plus larger items, including a good selection of bandages and compression bandages should they be needed for a more substantial injury.

There is an instruction leaflet but it is very basic and printed incredibly small. If you do not have any first aid training, it is worth looking on the internet at some of the instructional videos for dealing with various injuries. This is no substitute for proper training, but it will at least stop you doing something wrong!


A first aid kit is one of those things you buy in the hope that you will never have to use it, and for that reason most people don’t seem to bother. This kit is not expensive, is good quality and will not take up much room in your bag. If you shoot alone, it is ideal, because the contents can be accessed easily one-handed, making it possible to take care of any injury you may sustain. This is definitely an item that shooters should carry as part of their kit.

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  • Name: Mil Tec Large First Aid Kit Leina Pro
  • Price: £26.95
  • Contact: Military 1st. military1st.co.uk