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Swift Stumpy Silencer

Swift Stumpy Silencer

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Sound moderators are highly effective on any type of air rifle, as the firing cycle can cause a considerable muzzle crack, especially from shorter barrels. This can disturb or spook quarry when hunting. The various makes and models available, can either be slid on and secured with a grub screw, or screwed onto a threaded muzzle. They are available in various diameters, lengths and weights. Materials used in their construction can include; carbon fibre, plastic, aluminium and even steel. By fitting one, the combination of the expansion chamber and baffles can dramatically reduces a gun’s signature, which can in turn improve the chances of a successful trip. The Swift Stumpy Silencer is precision made in the UK from aluminium and includes a black anodised finish. It is 138mm long, weighs 4.25oz and is threaded for ½ x 20” UNF, the most common airgun form. This modular design allows it to be split into three separate pieces and the middle section can be unscrewed and then left out, reducing the length by 22mm. This can be useful when trying to reduce the overall length of an air rifle or pistol setup. The fact that it can be dismantled in this way also allows for cleaning and general maintenance further down the line. Whilst its effectiveness is inevitably slightly reduced when it is shortened, the versatility adds another whole dimension. Overall, a good value product that is suitable for use on .177 and .22 calibre airguns.

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