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Wildcat Evolution Moderator

Wildcat Evolution Moderator

UK Custom Shop Ltd manufacture a range of moderators that includes the Wildcat, Cub, Whisper, Panther, Predator and Evolution (EVO), compatible with any calibre from .17 up to .338, even 45-70!

The Evolution is a modular, reflex design, allowing for easy disassembly for cleaning, maintenance and replacement of parts. It can be used on one rifle, or when ordered with extra components switched to other guns/calibres and thread sizes. It consists of six main pieces: rear bush, inner tube, outer tube, bridge, diffuser and outer baffle. The diffusers are calibre-specific to help maximise sound reduction and colour-coded for identification.

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The EVO uses a 10 baffle diffuser, placing it between their Predator 8 and 12 models. It is slimmer and lighter, with a 45mm diameter and a weight of 446g, making it ideal for the sporting shooter. The bridge incorporates the muzzle thread, in the following options: ½, 5/8th, 9/16th and ¾ UNF and UNEF, plus metric 14x1, 15x1, 17x1 and 18x1 in both standard and spigot shank options.

When assembled the total length is 260mm, with 107mm sitting over the barrel, leaving just 153mm in front of the muzzle. It can accommodate diameters of up to 25mm, which covers some of the more substantial barrel profiles. It is also possible to order a rear bush that matches a specific diameter. It has been tested up to 30-06, with Wildcat recommending the Predator for the larger numbers, like .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua.

At £225 it is one of the most cost-effective, capable, and flexible cans on the market.

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  • Name: Wildcat Evolution
  • Contact: £225.00
  • Contact: Wildcat Moderators (UK Custom Shop). wildcatrifles.co.uk