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Wildcat Predator 12

Wildcat Predator 12

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Wildcat Moderators (UK Custom Shop) manufacture a range of moderators, their models cover everything from the .17 rimfire up to .375 and includes the Wildcat; Cub, Whisper, Panther, Evolution and Predator.

The largest is the Predator 12, which is made from stainless steel and high-grade alloy. It is fitted with 12 baffles, which protrudes 130mm forwards of the barrel. It has an outer diameter of 50mm and is an over barrel or reflex model, with a 30mm bore to accommodate heaver profile barrels of up to 29mm, putting it ahead of a lot of other moderators on the market and making it suitable for a wide range of rifles. It can be dismantled into its individual components for cleaning, maintenance and replacement of worn parts. And can essentially be tailored to specific requirements when ordered, including having the rear bush bored out to fit a specific barrel. There is a large choice of threads and very importantly calibre-specific diffusers, which are all colour coded. This function makes this model as efficient as possible at reducing volume. There is also a selection of tube/expansion chamber lengths (112, 150, 200 and 250mm) making the P12 380mm in length in its largest configuration, enough to tame most calibres!

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