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MTM Screw it Bore Guide

MTM Screw it Bore Guide

MTM’s Screw-It bore guide is a compact cleaning tool designed to guide a cleaning rod into the chamber of your rifle without damaging the throat or allowing excess cleaning fluid into the working parts of the rifle. MTM also supply an additional adaptor for AR-15 rifles, to hold the hinged action halves open while cleaning.

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The polymer case offers up nine components, which are protected by a foam pad that will absorb any residual solvent after use. The guide tube is threaded so that its length can be altered to suit different action sizes and so that the locating lever can be positioned in the rifle’s bolt handle recess. This prevents the guide from moving during use. As well as an extension tube for ultra-long actions, a rear solvent port slots on to allow cleaning fluid to be applied to a brush or patch that’s on its way to the bore. This useful component helps to minimise any spillage.

Three tapered adaptors are supplied with a 6.5/9.3/11mm diameter to direct correspondingly sized brushes and patches into the chamber. This is a simple but effective tool that reduces the possibility of a cleaning rod contacting the internal precision mechanics. It also minimises the mess and smell of spilt solvent as well as firing residue. Overall, a worthy addition to a rifle shooter’s cleaning kit.

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  • Name: MTM 'Screw-It' Bore Guide
  • Price: £14.25
  • Contact: Hannam’s Reloading Ltd - hannamsreloading.com